CBS Had The Only Big 4 Show To Rise In Ratings After Fall 2019 Premieres

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Fall is a competitive time for network television shows. Old favorites are returning, but facing competition from a host of new series which might become the new darlings of TV. Now, we can officially congratulate one show for actually managing to grow its audience after it premiered this season. That's right folks, the CBS crime drama FBI is our winner!

Out of all the shows that have debuted this fall on the big four broadcast networks (NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox) FBI is the only one to pull in more viewers in week two than it did during premiere week. FBI returned for Season 2 on September 24, and when a week of delayed viewing is included, it netted a 1.56 rating in the oh so important 18-49 demographic, while the week two rating went up to 1.58 in the demo for an increase of 1.2821%.

FBI is the latest crime drama in an impressive string of hits from super producer Dick Wolf, who created the series with Craig Turk. The show follows the inner workings of the New York branch of the FBI as they investigate the most serious crimes, including terrorism, counterintelligence and organized crime, to try and keep the country (and state) safe and make it a better place. FBI stars Missy Peregrym, Zeeko Zaki, Jeremy Sisto and Ebonee Noel, among others.

While FBI didn't exactly rise a ton in its second week, being able to bring in more viewers is still an impressive feat for a show that's only in its second season. It's managed to do something this season that bona fide hits like NCIS (which is in the midst of the Ziva Renaissance), Chicago Fire (where a major character was killed in the premiere in a very gruesome way), Grey's Anatomy (which just featured a Charmed reunion) and Empire (currently in its final deadly season) weren't able to do after debuting, so, good on FBI.

Speaking of NCIS...according to The Wrap, FBI is second in total viewers only to that veteran show (which just happens to serve as its lead-in every week) and everyone's favorite tear-jerker This Is Us where non-sports and non-news programs are concerned. While FBI is only considered a moderate success right now, with it ranking as the 30th highest rated show on broadcast television, the fact that it's been able to grow its audience is surely a good sign that the show might have real staying power.

And, in case you're wondering, there were other shows that came close to taking the title in this particular race. Over on Fox, we had 9-1-1 (2.61 for debut, 2.60 in the second week) as a contender, CBS featured Mom as an also ran (1.35 for debut, 1.34 in the second week), ABC saw Single Parents try its best (1.17 for debut, 1.16 in the second week) and NBC had The Good Place throw its hat into the ring (1.26 for debut, 1.24 in the second week).

So, the situation is looking pretty good for FBI, and if you haven't jumped onto this particular crime procedural train just yet, maybe you should. There's no reason for you to be the only one around the water cooler on Wednesday mornings who has no idea what everyone else is talking about, right? You can catch FBI (which is already working on expanding the franchise), Tuesdays on CBS at 9 p.m. EST, and keep up with all of this fall's debuts with our 2019 fall premiere guide!

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