Wait, Is Empire Killing Off Cookie In The Final Season Too?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Empire. Read at your own risk!

As the Lyon family continued to make moves and expand their brand into all facets of pop culture in the present, things were really popping off in the future. Viewers already saw the scene that looks a lot like patriarch Lucious Lyon (which is apparently Terrence Howard's final role) will bite the dust, but now it appears that Cookie Lyon could die as well. Here's what the episode showed, and why Taraji P. Henson's iconic character may be toast by Empire's series finale.

While Cookie was busy spilling the tea on her talk show and attending therapy, things were looking pretty crazy nine months in the future. Cookie was spotted fleeing the mansion and climbing into a black car, which then exploded. It certainly appears that Cookie was inside of the vehicle, and if that's the case, it's hard to believe the Empire character survived the explosion.

How could this happen? Well, there's no denying Cookie has made her fair share of enemies during Empire's run. It's completely possible someone would look to take her out with a car bomb, even if their intention was to take out another member of the Lyon family instead. Hey, it happened to Apollonia in The Godfather Saga!

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Cookie looks like she blew up in the car, but is that really what happened on Empire? Typically, car bombs are hidden and ignited by a turn of the ignition. For those that go back to the episode, notice that Cookie dropped her keys and was searching for them before she paused and it cut to the explosion. I guess someone could've just put a regular bomb in the passenger seat, but that just feels lazy.

Another clue that Cookie may not have died comes from the inner dialogue of the moment, which may be confusing. After all, Cookie literally said she died in the scene, and it seems like her therapy may have caused her to get "caught napping." Still, the reveal feels a little too on the nose. Typically when major death teases are so straightforward early in a season, the actual reveal is way more convoluted.

Of course, Empire fans are going to have to wait for the full story on what happened to Cookie as well as the rest of the show's major characters. With Lucious getting shot and Cookie potentially being blown up, the Fox series is certainly setting up a wild finale audiences won't soon forget.

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