Grey's Anatomy Just Delivered A Huge Bailey Twist We Totally Didn't See Coming

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Grey's Anatomy. Read at your own risk!

Grey's Anatomy is going all in on babies it seems, as yet another unexpected pregnancy was announced in "It's Raining Men." So, who's the next person with a bun in the oven? The answer may surprise you, as it certainly surprised Dr. Miranda Bailey as she found out she has a kid on the way.

The reveal came after Bailey had an exceptionally hard day at the hospital, as a news article inspired by Meredith Grey's pitch email to that newspaper ended up being an article that put the entire hospital on blast. The stress of the situation had Bailey burning up, both emotionally and physically. She ended up being evaluated by Maggie, who revealed the surprising news mentioned above and another medical issue.

The other news was that Dr. Bailey is perimenopausal, which could be a reason behind her "burning up." Bailey assumed that much was true, but was still unable to fully comprehend the whole pregnancy bit. Is she really about to have a kid, and will she keep it a secret? For Maggie's sake, we hope the Grey's Anatomy character will come clean.

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It's an added bit of stress on Bailey's plate, as one has to think all that negative info Meredith handed over to the press about Grey Sloane will only cause more issues for the hospital going forward. Meanwhile, Meredith not only riled up Bailey more by sneaking onto the grounds in an attempt to apologize, she also skipped out on her community service and will now have to re-appear in court. Would it kill her just to pay her dues and go back to work?

Lord knows they need the doctors, as Owen jumped ship for Pac-Gen North towards the end of Grey's Anatomy. He could be the first of many, especially if any younger staff at Grey Sloane realize that their reputations could be on the line the longer they hang around the hospital. Sounds like foreshadowing that there could be a doctor shortage at Grey Sloane in the very near future.

That's a question for later, though. For now, let's talk about how Grey's Anatomy has gone baby crazy. Bailey and Amelia have babies on the way, and are obviously both at entirely different stages and situations in life. While it may be unexpected that the ABC drama is doing another pregnancy story line at the same time, it might be cool to see the contrasts between the two and their unique experiences.

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