Chicago Fire: Casey And Mouch Are In Trouble After 'Improvising' In Exclusive New Episode Clip

One Chicago is just coming off of a doozy of a week thanks to the epic three-hour "Infection" crossover between Chicago Fire, Med, and P.D., and a new exclusive episode clip proves that the first responders of Fire's Firehouse 51 are in for a brand new kind of crisis this week. Who needs flesh-eating bacteria for something to go terribly wrong in Chicago?

In the clip from the October 23 episode of Chicago Fire, called "Buckle Up," a couple of the heroes of Firehouse 51 are in trouble after they had to improvise on the scene of an accident. Take a look!

Well, at least nobody's flesh is being eaten by bacteria! In this exclusive clip, a representative from the City Safety Committee drops by Firehouse 51, and he makes it clear to Casey that he's not happy with how they handled a recent multi-vehicle accident. The firefighters had to get creative to save a life, with Mouch apparently recruiting the assistance of a civilian to help Truck 81 pull off a tricky maneuver.

While the maneuver clearly worked, the Safety Committee rep is seemingly more concerned with a potential lawsuit than the fact that the firefighters prevented further catastrophe. Interestingly, Casey, Mouch, and the other firefighters (including the newcomer) in the room initially seem to think that the rep dropped by to commend them on improvising to achieve something that would have otherwise been impossible.

Chicago Fire fans will have to tune in to the episode, which airs on NBC at 9 p.m. ET on Wednesday, October 23, to see the further fallout of how Mouch used the truck and how Casey -- who was in charge of Truck 81 for the scene -- deals with the issue. Unfortunately for the firefighters, cops, and medical professionals of One Chicago, this is only the latest example of officials interfering with how the good guys handle the bad situations.

The CFD brass tried to blame Casey for Otis' death in the Season 8 premiere, for one! Then, over on Chicago P.D., the Intelligence Unit first had to deal with the corrupt superintendent-turned-mayor Kelton before he was murdered, and then the interim superintendent. Then, in last week's "Infection" crossover, a representative from the mayor's office got in the way of the heroes of Fire, Med, and P.D. doing everything possible to save lives. It was a stroke of luck that the flesh-eating bacteria wasn't as contagious as it could have been!

Of course, Casey and Mouch have faced greater dangers than an overzealous City Safety Committee employee, but hopefully he won't be keeping too close an eye on Firehouse 51 moving forward. These are heroes who improvise on a regular basis if that's what it takes to save lives, and it would be a shame if they either had to hold back from heroics or get in more trouble from the Safety Committee.

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In addition to the City Safety Committee rep making trouble for Casey and Mouch, "Buckle Up" will see Firehouse 51 called to two strangely similar car wrecks, Kidd trying to prove herself at the National Firefighter Leadership Conference, Mouch attempting to start a newsletter to keep everybody in 51 informed, and Cruz dealing with the heartbreak he sustained in the crossover when Chloe broke up with him shortly before he planned on proposing. Can poor Cruz never catch a break?

Tune in to NBC on Wednesday, October 23 at 9 p.m. ET to catch the next episode of Chicago Fire, airing between a new episode of Chicago Med at 8 p.m. ET and a new episode of Chicago P.D. at 10 p.m. ET.

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