Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Is Meredith Doomed To Lose Her License After Big Prison Twist?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy. Read at your own risk!

Meredith Grey may be desperate to get back in Grey Sloane Memorial, but she's going about it the wrong way. The Grey's Anatomy character is at risk of losing her medical license and instead of keeping her head down, doing her community service, and crossing her fingers that the medical board will show mercy, she keeps ditching things to be at the hospital. Now, she won't have a choice but to stay away as her attorney informed her at the end of the latest episode she's headed to prison.

It all started when Meredith ditched out on her community service last week, which resulted in a court date in which she had to appear before a judge and account for her actions. Meredith did plan on attending this week, but then Zola had a headache and threw up on the ground during breakfast. Mer rushed Zola to the hospital and got her a CT scan to see what was happening.

Zola would end up needing a shunt revision, and Meredith insisted she would miss her court date to stick around until the procedure was completed. That was actually a compromise because Meredith actually wanted to be in the operating room during the procedure. DeLuca tried to assure Mer that Zola would be fine and that she should attend the court date, but he knew better than to try and push the issue further.

Zola's procedure ended up going off without a hitch, and Meredith's lawyer arrived after to assure her client she managed to get some mercy from the judge. Mer was relieved, and said she would gladly finish her trash duty without complaint. Then she got the news she'd be serving her hours in prison, and suddenly, she seemed to realize she screwed up.

If Meredith is only just now realizing she wasn't taking her situation as seriously as she should've, imagine what the medical board will think after hearing about this. In the real world, one would think it'd be a clear indicator she's willing to do what she wants rather than what's expected. That's kind of what got her into this whole situation to begin with, and doesn't seem like it makes her odds of getting a license back very high.

Conversely, all of Meredith's excuses to date have been related to helping someone at Grey Sloane Memorial. Perhaps the medical board will look favorably upon that, and she'll end up getting her license back. It doesn't scream like the type of thing that would happen in the real world, but this is television after all. Who knows? Maybe this prison stint is the beginning of what will ultimately put her back on top!

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