First Look At Hilary Duff Making A Comeback As Lizzie McGuire

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Hilary Duff has posted a first look image as Lizzie McGuire for the Disney+ revival! Yeah, go ahead and celebrate. Eighteen years after Duff first charmed the masses as the relatable teen heroine, she is reprising the role that made her a household name. The Lizzie McGuire revival is one of the many series heading to Disney’s upcoming streaming service.

There was actually first talk of a reunion a few years ago. Hope continued to build when Hilary Duff weighed in on a then-potential revival in 2018. As you can see from the first look at Lizzie McGuire below, there is nothing potential about the revival now; it is really happening. Check out Duff as Lizzie in the image below and then check out the show with a 7-day free trial of Disney+ using this link.

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How amazing is this first photo? Lizzie has clearly not lost her unique style, in my opinion. I love this look! It is ambitious, modern, chic, and totally Lizzie! The beloved character is clearly enjoying life in New York City as she smiles in the debut image! Are you now wondering what the Lizzie McGuire revival is going to be about?

The Disney+ series will follow Lizzie as the now 30-year-old navigates life in the Big Apple, aka New York City. Hilary Duff is not the only original person from Lizzie McGuire who will be coming back. Original series creator, Terri Minksy, will return as the revival’s creator and showrunner. So, if you were wondering if the creative forces behind the show had changed, there is your thrilling answer.

The exciting first look photo from Lizzie McGuire --did I mention I was pumped for this? -- is the latest image Hilary Duff has shared, teasing the revival. Not too long ago, she sent fans’ anticipation into overdrive with a picture from the set with her original co-stars. Lizzie’s mom (Hallie Todd), dad (Robert Carradine), and younger brother, Matt (Jake Thomas)! In case you missed it, I've also included it here.

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Who else is crying? This is such nostalgic goodness! I am so curious to see what kind of adult Lizzie has turned into. Is she still best friends with Miranda and Gordo? Did Lizzie’s romance with Gordo survive high school? There are so many unanswered questions. Remember, The Lizzie McGuire Movie only told fans what happened after they graduated from junior high.

Speaking of the movie, I hope that the revival touches on Lizzie masquerading as her look-alike pop star. Fans will have to wait and see what happens on that front and many others. For instance, what ended up becoming of Lizzie’s frenemy, Kate, or her junior high crush, Ethan? A line (or two) about their fate would be interesting.

The Lizzie McGuire revival is just one of the treats that Disney+ has in the works for fans. The streamer is clearly bringing it when it comes to the streaming wars. As for Lizzie McGuire’s star, Hilary Duff has been busy since Lizzie McGuire initially ended all those years ago.

In her personal life, Hilary Duff is now a mother of two, who also finds time to watch cool television. Professionally speaking, she has starred on the hit comedy, Younger, during recent TV seasons. Now she is getting ready to return as the star of the Lizzie McGuire remake! Dreams do come true!

A premiere date for the Lizzie McGuire revival has not gotten announced yet. It will arrive on Disney+ at some point. In the meantime, enjoy this fall’s premieres.

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