Mayans M.C. Actor Says Touching Goodbye After Getting Killed Off Season 2

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Mayans M.C. never fails to deliver the intensity as it tells the stories of rival motorcycle gangs, with violence, guns, drugs, and betrayals on the agenda on a regular basis. The penultimate episode of Season 2 raised the stakes even further with the unexpected death of Riz, played by Antonio Jaramillo. After being seriously injured in the attack by the Vatos Malditos, Riz seemed like he could pull through... until he was murdered by a friend.

Before we get into exactly what happened on that front, take heart in the knowledge that Antonio Jaramillo isn't showing any bitterness that his character was killed off a hit FX TV show. The official Mayans M.C. Twitter account posted a video of Jaramillo saying goodbye, and Jaramillo followed it up with a message from his own account. Check it out!

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Not everybody would be so gracious and positive right after their character was killed off, so kudos to Antonio Jaramillo for seeing the sunny side of the situation and embracing the experience. It's worth noting that Jaramillo said "if it is goodbye" at one point, so perhaps there's the chance that Riz could return!

He seemed pretty dead after the events of Season 2's penultimate episode, but Mayans M.C. has played with flashbacks in the past, and could do so in the future. Antonio Jaramillo could theoretically return as an alive-and-well Riz in scenes set before his death!

It's especially good to see Antonio Jaramillo looking so upbeat considering how Riz's death went down. Just when it seemed he was rallying and would survive the attack, Taza took matters into his own hands. The vote about whether or not to seek revenge against Vatos Malditos was not going Taza's way, as the others were leaning toward letting it go because neither he nor Riz had died.

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Well, Taza couldn't let that happen, so he killed Riz in the hospital, then put on a convincing performance of begging the nurses to save him after they came rushing to help. Taza's act of murder did the trick, and it looks like the M.C. is heading for war to avenge Riz.

The official description for the Season 2 finale, which airs Tuesday, November 5 at 10 p.m. ET on FX, doesn't give away a whole lot in the way of details. In the finale, the Reyes brothers and the M.C. are going to face some tough decisions is the face of the need for justice. Take a look at the promo for the first episode of Mayans M.C. following Riz's death:

Mayans M.C. has not yet been renewed for a third season, so unless fans get some good news ahead of the November 5 Season 2 finale, they may have to deal with suspense about whether the show will continue. I'd personally be shocked if Mayans gets the axe, and hopefully news of a renewal breaks sooner rather than later. Be sure to tune in to FX on November 5 at 10 p.m. ET if you want to watch the Mayans M.C. Season 2 finale live.

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