Maybe Disney+'s Hawkeye TV Show Didn't Find Jeremy Renner's Co-Star After All

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Fans have been very excited for many months now, with the knowledge that several of our favorite MCU characters will be coming to the small screen via Disney+ shows within the next few years. A few months ago, we got a potential update on Hawkeye that said Oscar nominated actress Hailee Steinfeld was in talks to play Kate Bishop in the series. While the news was never made official, it seemed like a good bet that Steinfeld would grace the show with her talents. But, now, it seems like it wasn't as close to a reality as we'd thought.

Here's what Hailee Steinfeld said recently while doing press for her new Apple TV+ show, Dickinson, when asked if she was currently preparing for her introduction into the MCU. Fair warning, you should prepare to be confused, disappointed and definitely have more questions after reading this.

That’s not something that’s necessarily happening. We’re going to wait and find out, I guess.

Um...what? Alright, while Hailee Steinfeld didn't specify whether or not she was referring to her potential role in Hawkeye or the series as a whole when she spoke with Radio Times, let's just go ahead and assume she was, indeed, talking about co-starring as Kate Bishop in the Disney+ show. What could have caused her to step away from the possibility of joining the MCU as the newest character to take on the Hawkeye mantle?

In early September, word began to circulate that Hailee Steinfeld was discussing joining Hawkeye as the young woman Clint Barton would train to take over his work as the arrow-bearing hero, including stepping into his well-known alias. Even though no details were given on the deal that was presented to her, it was also assumed that Steinfeld taking the role of Kate Bishop would allow for her to show up as the character on the big screen at some point, as the MCU continues to move along in theaters.

And, that was a pretty good assumption. Not only will the Disney+ MCU shows, obviously, have a very close connection to the films for the first time, but it should also be noted that Hailee Steinfeld has spent almost all of her on-camera career starring in movies. So, it would make sense that she would sign up for Hawkeye (only her second TV show after Dickinson) knowing that it would lead to additional film roles.

Speaking of Dickinson, could Hailee Steinfeld's show, which just premiered on Apple TV+ a few days ago, actually be complicating a completed Hawkeye deal for her? Dickinson was recently renewed for Season 2 in October, before audiences had even seen Season 1, so the new streaming service certainly appears to have faith in the show. Hawkeye isn't scheduled to hit Disney+ until sometime in the fall of 2021, but that would mean that it's likely going to begin filming in the fall of 2020, so, depending on when Dickinson Season 2 is looking to film, those schedules could make things complicated for Steinfeld.

Of course, I say all this knowing that Hailee Steinfeld's words could just be her being cagey because it's not time to actually reveal that she's doing Hawkeye just yet. So, who knows for sure right now? Certainly not us, but we do hope that whoever is chosen to play Kate Bishop, she brings all the fun and refreshing confidence to the part that we expect.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend, and we'll be sure to keep you up to date on Hailee Steinfeld and Hawkeye news at it becomes available!

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