5 Disney+ Shows We Loved As Kids But Forgot Existed Until Now

The Adventures of the Gummi Bears

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Streaming services are weird. They have hundreds if not thousands of movies and TV episodes to choose from. All of them available at the touch of a button. Each service has its big hits, major blockbusters movies, or popular, long-running television shows. However, the bulk of the content of every streaming service is the stuff you used to skip over at the video store. A bulk of miscellaneous nonsense that you'd never pay much mind to and will almost certainly never watch.

Disney+ will be no different. It's going to have Marvel stuff and Star Wars stuff to be certain, which is awesome. It's going have Disney animation and Pixar hits. However, a lot of the content is going to be items like Disney Channel Original Movies that you never bothered to watch and stuff from the Magical World of Disney that you mentally blocked out for a reason.

And then, somewhere in between, there's an entirely different sort of show. Those Disney shows that you grew up watching but that you had basically forgotten about. How often do you really think about the cartoons you watched after school as a kid or on Saturday morning. I certainly watched a lot, more than I can ever remember, but Disney+ has now reminded me, and a few others here at CinemaBlend of some of the shows we'd forgotten we loved. Were they really as good as you remember? Do they still hold up today? Here are five shows we can't wait to watch on Disney+ just to find out. If you'd like to check them out for yourself, you can sign up for a 7-day free trial of Disney+ by using this link.

Mighty Ducks Animated Series

The Mighty Ducks - The Animated Series

Everybody remembers the live-action Mighty Ducks movies. There were several of them, and they are still popular enough that a reboot Disney+ TV series is already in the works. But, do you remember The Mighty Ducks animated series? The one with actual ducks, that were also aliens, and played hockey.

If you don't remember the show you probably think I just had a stroke, but I swear to you the animated Mighty Ducks was a real thing once. It started with the hockey theme of the movies but then took the rest of the name entirely literally. It followed a group of anthropomorphic ducks from another dimension that came to Earth, fought an evil alien, and also played in the NHL. Yes, it was basically a commercial for the actual hockey team Disney owned at the time.



Recess was an animated series about grade school kids during what was basically the last era when Saturday Morning cartoons were actually still a thing. It was an incredibly popular series in its day that got a few direct-to-video movies, which will also be on Disney+, and got re-aired for years on Disney's cable channels.

If you were part of the right generation, you probably have fond memories of Recess, at least you do now that you've been reminded that you used to watch it. The show might have great when you were in elementary school, but now that you're old enough to buy beer, is it still funny? Maybe it's better with the beer.

Goof Troop

Goof Troop

Goof Troop may not be a show that was entirely forgotten. There are a lot of people who swear to me that A Goofy Movie is actually really good.(I will be verifying this when Disney+ launches), and if people remember that movie, some might remember the show it was based on. But people seem to remember the movie much better than they actually remember the show

Even when the topic of A Goofy Movie comes up (that doesn't happen to you twice a year?) I still can't think of a time that it caused conversation to drift over to the series. Is it as good as the movie supposedly is? Even if it was once, we'll have to check it out next week to see if it holds up.

Spider-Man and his amazing friends

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

There are actually several different animated Spider-Man series coming to Disney+, but by far the most unique is Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends. This animated series gave Spider-Man a pair of sidekicks, in the form of X-Man Iceman and an original character called Fire-Star. Originally, the project wanted to use The Human Torch, but there was a rights issue (because there's always a rights issue) and so a new character was created. She eventually made her way to the comics as well

I personally remember loving this cartoon as a kid. But thinking back, it was weird. I think Iceman and and Fire-Star both lived with Peter at Aunt May's house? I'm not sure any of this was ever explained. This show may have been my first real exposure to Spider-Man as a character. I'll need to watch this again to see if it's anything close to what I remember.

The Adventures of the Gummi Bears

Whether you caught this one in its original iteration as a Saturday Morning cartoon series, or in its second life as part of the Disney Afternoon block of weekday afternoon cartoons, you may have watched this cartoon, which was actually inspired by the chewy candy of the same name. It was an action-adventure series that saw the title characters existing in a fantasy world where they befriended some humans while hiding from others who wanted to steal their powerful gummi berry juice.

What I remember most about The Adventures of the Gummi Bears is that the show had an excellent theme song. Beyond that, I can't say much, but I was a regular watcher of the show during both its main runs on television. It was always entertaining, I think. I'm looking forward to checking this one out once more. If nothing else, I can jam to the theme song again.

There's so much stuff coming to Disney+ that it will be tough to decide what to watch first. Do we start with something classic or something new? Somewhere in there, we're going to find time for these barely remembered, but well loved shows to see how they hold up. What older shows or movies are you looking forward to revisiting now that Disney+ has reminded you they exist?

These shows along with so much more will be available on Disney+ starting November 12.

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