The pastime of Saturday morning cartoon watching is over, at least in a traditional sense. It has been in decline for many years though. Now, the only reason to get up on Saturday mornings is to wait for college football to take over TV, and other more adult things. But the joy of cereal bowls and hours on end of classic cartoons will never be forgotten.

Below, you'll be able to put your memory banks to the test in identifying 10 Saturday morning cartoons of yesteryear. We'll give you the network and the plot, plus the year the show premiered, although most of these have lived on in syndicated infamy. Others may leave you scratching your head with three fingers. Pour yourself a big glass of chocolate milk and read on.

Premiere Year: 1986

Network: ABC

Plot: Four intelligent New York City men work together in an effort to rid the city of its evil vermin. Ghastly hijinks ensue.

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