How The Walking Dead's New Spinoff Will Be Different From The Previous Two Shows

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How will the new spinoff in The Walking Dead franchise be different from the previous two shows? Great question. As you know, another spinoff is on its way. Not too long ago, fans got their first look at the latest series coming from The Walking Dead’s sprawling universe.

The as-yet-to-be-titled series has already received a 10-episode order. Its premise centers on two females who have grown up in the world of a post-zombie apocalypse. The series is set to debut in the spring of 2020. How will the spinoff differentiate itself from The Walking Dead and the already airing spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead? AMC’s Chief Content Officer, Scott M. Gimple told Deadline:

It’s people coming of age but on a quest of sorts. The quest aspect makes it very different beyond the fact that these kids are unlike characters we’ve seen before. They’ve grown up in all of this but they’ve also grown up in relative safety. So they’re aware of the world and of walkers but they’ve grown up behind walls so they’re not out there mixing it up with the walkers and the dangers. They’ve had a very sheltered experience. They’ve also enjoyed something close to a First World kind of life. So it’s a big deal for them to experience these things. They aren’t ignorant of the world but they haven’t had to face it or deal with it as deeply as they will in the stories that we’re going to be telling.

The protagonists of the latest Walking Dead spinoff should be in for a considerable amount of adventure and danger. It sounds like they have grown up without the harsh realities that youngsters like Judith or her late brother, Carl, experienced. Of course, life in a post-zombie apocalypse is all that Judith has ever known.

The Walking Dead franchise will be shaking it up as the characters in the new spinoff venture beyond the safety of their semi-shielded lives. What are they looking to get in return? According to Scott M. Gimple, they have not had to go toe-to-toe with walkers and the dangers of the outside world’s existence. Why trade that in?

The teaser released a few months ago hinted that The Walking Dead spinoff was going to show fans places and people they have not seen before. That was an indication of how it would distinguish itself from the original show and Fear the Walking Dead. The spinoff will feature characters who have had different experiences than those in its predecessors.

For example, the harsh realities of living in The Walking Dead universe are starting to catch up with Carol. A story is playing out between her and Gamma, which actress Samantha Morton teased fans should expect “extraordinary” things from. Ten seasons in, the original series is not planning on running out of story any time soon, but it's already easy to see how the latest spinoff will be very different.

Whenever you think The Walking Dead should end, its universe is continuing to grow with this new chapter. It would seem that the upcoming series has a lock on how it plans to shake things up within the confines of the franchise. A different angle is on its way in the form of how the characters come into this dangerous world.

They have not had to deal with walker conflicts or wars with The Whisperers, and will be a bit unprepared for life outside their walls. Find out how their plunge into the outside world goes when the latest Walking Dead spinoff makes its way to the air. It will not be much longer!

The upcoming Walking Dead spinoff is set to premiere in spring 2020. New episodes of The Walking Dead are airing this fall on Sundays, at 9 p.m. ET, on AMC. You can currently stream previous seasons of the zombie drama on Netflix, among new content.

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