Could Cancelled Anne With An E Get A Movie To Wrap Up?

Anne with an E back for Season 3 Netflix

Anne with an E was only cancelled yesterday, but plenty of people have been upset by Netflix’s decision in the wake of the news, which was confirmed by creator Moira Walley-Beckett. Now the showrunner has spoken out about the upcoming Season 3 of Anne with an E confirming it will still be happening, as well as her hope for potential movie to wrap up where Anne, Gilbert and co. will ultimately be at.

Moira Walley-Beckett has not been quiet about the Anne with an E cancellation as it came down the pipeline. What she has been is nice about the cancellation, empathizing with her “kindred spirits” -- a term Anne favors -- and talking about all of the wonderful memories she has related to the show. However, she does still harbor hope that she will be allowed a movie to wrap up the story, noting,

I will miss this show forever and a day. That being said, I’d love to write an AWAE finale feature film…

As Anne with an E is rather a long name, the show often goes by AWAE, which is what Moira Walley-Beckett uses to describe her movie dream to EW, also telling that outlet she is happy the show has connected "with diverse audiences" and not just in the U.S. and Canada, but elsewhere worldwide.

There’s actually precedent for this sort of Netflix wrap-up. Sense8 was given a movie to wrap up its storyline, while other Netflix shows, like the upcoming final seasons of Fuller House and Lucifer, have been clearly marked as the final seasons. Anne with an E technically currently falls into that latter camp; the only problem is that Anne is still fairly young in this iteration and there's a ton more of L.M. Montgomery's famous story to be told, should someone want to.

Granted, Netflix and the CBC have not come out to say Anne with an E will be given this sort of movie consideration. Recently, Netflix also declined to give The OA the chance to wrap up its story, effectively ending the Brit Marling-led series on a cliffhanger.

The one hope here might be if the CBC has the budget to finish out the story of Anne and her fellow compatriots, excuse me kindred spirits, without Netflix, but right now both parties are trying to keep the focus on the upcoming Season 3 of Anne with an E.

We’ve been thrilled to bring the quintessentially Canadian story of Anne with an E to viewers around the world. We’re thankful to producers Moira Walley-Beckett and Miranda de Pencier and to the talented cast and crew for their incredible work in sharing Anne’s story with a new generation. We hope fans of the show love this final season as much as we do, and that it brings a satisfying conclusion to Anne’s journey.

As you can see, words like "satisfying conclusion" and "final season" are being bandied around a lot here, despite Moira Walley-Beckett's hopes.

Fans of the show have not been happy about the cancellation and have started doing things like taking to social media to create #renewannewithane hashtags and more. It’s unclear if the cancellation occurred because Anne with an E didn’t have a widespread enough fanbase or if the decision is coming because Netflix and the CBC broke up a few months ago. When that happened, the CBC made it clear the decision was to fuel the Canadian public broadcaster's own growth. We'll have to see what that ultimately means for more Anne with an E down the line.

For now, however, it's not all over yet. Season 3 of Anne with an E is expected to be available on January 3 and users worldwide will still be able to watch to their own heart's content. For a idea of what else the streaming service has coming up, take a look at our full schedule.

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