Lucifer’s Tom Ellis Hypes 'Story That Answers' A Big Question In Final Season

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Lucifer will end its devilish deeds on the small screen with the fifth and final season, which is currently in production for its Netflix release. While Season 5 will seemingly get off to a "really sad" start with the premiere, a subsequent episode promises to deliver both something that Lucifer has never done before and an answer to a big question. Star Tom Ellis hyped some of what to expect from the episode, slated as the fourth in the supersized final season.

First, let's set up what's going to be special about this episode. Lucifer is going full noir black and white for a 1940s alternative universe. The episode will also be a musical installment, with Tom Ellis and Lesley-Ann Brandt (Maze) singing a duet together, and Brandt singing another '40s song without Ellis accompanying her. Basically, this is going to be a wild episode even by Lucifer standards, but it will take the time to answer a question for fans.

Tom Ellis teased some of what's in store beyond Lucifer and Maze singing a duet, saying this to ET:

I can't tease too much! I would say on this episode, we take a trip down memory lane with Lucifer. We tell a story that answers the question a lot of fans have been asking actually.

Is the alternate universe going to be in Lucifer's mind? Given that an episode from Season 4 featured a musical number starring Lucifer, I wouldn't be shocked to learn that he thinks in musical numbers. Or will this somehow be a trip to the past, or flashbacks to when Lucifer, Maze, and potentially more were up on Earth in the 1940s? We can only speculate at this point about how the episode happens, as well as what question the episode answers.

After all, there are still plenty of unanswered questions about Lucifer, and I think Kelly Clarkson would agree that there aren't many episodes left for the show to tell a new story and fill in the blanks! The reveal of a 1940s-esque episode may explain how Tricia Helfer is returning as Lucifer's mom, considering her outfit in the photo she shared.

Lesley-Ann Brandt didn't drop any huge details (or song titles) about the episode, but her comments can definitely fuel the fire of speculation as fans wait for Season 5 to debut. Here's what the Maze actress had to say:

The storyline is really the genesis of the Maze that fans have come to know and love, but we track it back to its origin point and how the relationship between Maze and Lucifer was really forged and why she would help, you know? I'm so lucky. I show up and I work opposite people who really love what they do. They're prepared and they really care. Tom was super supportive and we got to do something new and fresh.

Could the question that will be answered in the musical episode concern the origin of the dynamic between Lucifer and Maze? Their relationship is certainly one of the most interesting of the series, not least because it goes back further than Lucifer and any other main character except for Amenadiel. Maze had a difficult time in Season 5, first falling for Eve and then having her heart broken. What's in store in Season 5?

Well, Lucifer Season 5 won't release until 2020 to deliver more of Lucifer, Maze, and perhaps even more of Lucifer's dynamic with an unexpected character, but you can catch the first four seasons streaming on Netflix now. For some additional options, check out our picks for 5 Netflix series to watch while waiting for Lucifer Season 5.

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