Following America's Got Talent Exit, Women Of Hollywood Come To Gabrielle Union's Defense

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Not long after Julianne Hough and Gabrielle Union were dropped from the America's Got Talent lineup, some concerning allegations were brought to light regarding the two's time on the show. It sounds like Union had to deal with quite a bit while she was on the show, and while there's no taking that back, she can take comfort in the fact that several high-profile women in Hollywood are speaking up for her amidst the controversy.

Twitter is aflame with women in and out of Hollywood who want to speak out on Gabrielle Union's behalf. Union found strong support from Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo, who pointed out the reports were not a good look for NBC especially after it had another high profile incident in which the claims of women were left unnoticed or not taken seriously.

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Reports surfaced of alleged incidents that happened on America's Got Talent during Gabrielle Union's short tenure, many of which were concerning. As an example, Union was told by producers a 10-year-old black rapper wouldn't be on the show because America couldn't get behind the act, and also allowed judge Simon Cowell to smoke indoors, which exacerbated her smoke allergy, in addition to being illegal.

That's really just the tip of the iceberg in a multitude of incidents uncovered, however, and it's enough that even women from within the NBC brand are speaking out. The Good Place's Jameela Jamil shared her support for Gabrielle Union, and added that she was upset these incidents were happening on the same network she worked for.

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Jameela Jamil advocated for Gabrielle Union to stay on America's Got Talent, and that NBC instead remove Simon Cowell. Cowell is the creator of America's Got Talent, so it's unclear whether or not NBC would make a move to remove him from the series or what type of pay out there would be to get him off of the show entirely.

It's something NBC may have to consider, as NBC actresses past and present are siding with Gabrielle Union in the controversy, and taking America's Got Talent and NBC to task for their actions. Sophia Bush, who has gone through her own fair share of drama in Hollywood, gave some love to Gabrielle Union for being unafraid to speak up in the midst of all the drama.

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These are just a few of the names that reached out, but there are still many other women in Hollywood who continue to support Gabrielle Union with each passing hour. For now, NBC and America's Got Talent have not made any major remarks one way or another following this outpouring of support. Perhaps, after the holiday weekend, there will be some further action on the network's part to address the recent allegations that have surfaced.

In the meantime, Gabrielle Union is just thankful for the love. The judge thanked all her supporters on Twitter for lifting her up in a moment where she was feeling low.

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Even if this situation doesn't end with Gabrielle Union coming back to America's Got Talent, one can hope that NBC will take a closer look into the show's practices going forward. Provided these allegations are true, no one should have to endure a working environment of that nature.

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