Are Mandalorian Fans Going Too Far With Baby Yoda Obsession?

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It is tough to argue that there is a pop culture phenomenon sweeping the world this winter which is more astronomical than Baby Yoda. The adorable character has been the subject of tremendous fascination ever since making his debut on Disney+’s The Mandalorian. But, how far is too far when it comes to fans' obsession with Baby Yoda?

The question is starting to come up as a wave of Baby Yoda related themes are hitting the internet. If you love the breakout Mandalorian character, you probably do not have an issue with a new petition posted by Travis Bramble on The goal is to get a Baby Yoda emoji! An emoji that would undoubtedly be one of the cutest emojis in existence.

Will he be sipping any soup? Can anyone get any work done when they are busy trying to figure out a reason to include a Baby Yoda emoji in their texts? So many questions besides the ones that The Mandalorian is already making viewers ask. Regardless, the craze surrounding Baby Yoda is showing no signs of slowing down.

Is a petition a step too far in fans’ attempt to make it happen? It is one thing to pitch the idea and another to petition for it. Is there a better way for a Mandalorian fan to make their dream of a Baby Yoda emoji come true, though? Or is it too soon for fandom petitions after the whole Game of Thrones situation?

One note that I would make about this Apple-directed petition is for all emoji keyboards to make a Baby Yoda one. Spread the love to all! Of course, a Baby Yoda emoji is not where this story of dedicated fandom ends. The character is literally popping up on everything! Reddit user u/ThePieous has posted a “Raspbaby Yoda” pie! Check out a picture of it below:

from r/food

I do not know if I could bring myself to eat a pie with the extremely cute visage of Baby Yoda. However, the artistry of this pie is off the freaking charts! That The Mandalorian character is inspiring fans to have him adorn food is the next level. Will Baby Yoda birthday cakes be next? Quite possibly.

Baby Yoda is not just inspiring fans to get creative with emojis and pies either! It seems like everyone is getting in on the action. The Mississippi Department of Transportation decided to leverage Star Wars fans’ incredible affection for Baby Yoda to keep a safety reminder in mind! Check it out:

There is always the chance that Star Wars fans will be more apt to consider safety thanks to Baby Yoda. Of course, the possibility remains that this could all lead to an over-immersion of the hit character. Could Baby Yoda backlash be next if others feel like it is all too much Baby Yoda at once?

The good news is that fans should not worry too much about Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian’s first season. All of which is an excellent sign for fans hoping to continue enjoying his adorableness and the memes he generates.

Meanwhile, another significant debate remains as The Mandalorian continues its first season, and fans await The Last Jedi’s release -- Baby Yoda versus the Porgs. John Boyega has weighed in, and Daisy Ridley has given her blunt opinion! Not since the Porgs has Star Wars and cuteness caused such a stir! I will never forget the Ewoks, though!

In the end, this is a story about fans lavishing their love on an aspect of a beloved franchise. Maybe, given the lack of Baby Yoda merchandise, people have to focus their affection somewhere. Whether fans are going too far is a debate destined to rage on. You can vote in the poll below to voice your opinion!

Stay tuned for more Baby Yoda moments! Season 1 of The Mandalorian is one of this winter’s premieres. New episodes arrive on Fridays on Disney+! However, The Mandalorian will be dodging The Last Jedi’s release weekend.

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