The Mandalorian Fans Hate Jason Sudeikis For Punching Baby Yoda And His Comedy Troupe Sold Him Out

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Many famous actors in Hollywood have had a small Star Wars cameo role without much fanfare. More often than not this is because their faces are masked, and their roles so insignificant that few take the time to look into who they are. Unfortunately, that's not the case for actor Jason Sudeikis, who has been feeling the wrath of the internet ever since his guest spot on The Mandalorian.

Many on the internet have been calling out Jason Sudeikis for his character's treatment of Baby Yoda, which is understandable considering he punched the franchise's latest mascot. Even his former comedy troupe The Second City didn't have his back, and released a statement that it was not ok with what transpired in The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 8 finale.

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Of course, The Second City (which has been the home to many notable comedians and actors over the years) is just ribbing Jason Sudeikis. Those folks are just poking fun at the actor after he worked quite a few people up with his few punches landed on Baby Yoda while waiting for orders from the vile Moff Gideon. Baby Yoda may be the biggest thing that happened to Star Wars in a while, so it's completely understandable he became public enemy number one with many after that scene.

The real question is, how long will this scene haunt him? The memes are rolling strong on the web, and already Jason Sudeikis' Wikipedia page has been updated to show what he is most known for. Given how massively successful The Mandalorian has been I can't say this edit is inaccurate.

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What's funny is that Jason Sudeikis is getting all the hate, though one could argue Adam Pally should be getting some of that shade as well. Of course, Pally's stormtrooper (or scout trooper, really) only cracked Baby Yoda once after the adorable force user bit him. Sudeikis' character popped it on the noggin a few times, and didn't feel the slightest bit of remorse in doing so.

There's even some people that are trying to roll the hate even further, pointing out that harming Baby Yoda was not the sole bad act these scout troopers had committed. It is a bit hard to think back about anything else that happened prior to the explosive Season 1 finale, though many are reminding others that these two were also responsible for killing Kuiil.

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Luckily, Jason Sudeikis' character was brutalized by IG-11, and is likely dead after the assault. It's a good thing Jon Favreau wrote that scene in, otherwise they might be encouraged to bring Sudeikis and Adam Pally's characters back just to create another villain in the Disney+ series.

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