Everyone likes Jason Sudeikis. It’s almost impossible not to. Not only does he have an everyman appeal, but he can go from being sleazy to charming all while remaining eminently charismatic and downright hilarious. It’s a rare quality.

Over the last five years Jason Sudeikis has made the steady progression from small-screen darling to big-screen commodity, constantly stealing films as part of ensembles, before then leading We're The Millers to a $270 million box office haul (with a helping hand from Jennifer Aniston, of course). But, in 2016, Sudeikis is threatening to evolve even further, moving away from straight out comedies to more dramatic fare.

But how has Jason Sudeikis ended up in such a prominent cinematic position? How did he hone his comedic talent? What previous roles helped to launch him on the road to success? How long has he been able to grow such a stellar moustache? We answer most, but unfortunately not all, of these questions and more in this handy guide. So scroll below and have at it.

His Origins
Jason Sudeikis was raised in Overland Park, Kansas, having moved to the city as a child after being born in Fairfax, Virginia. In fact, this is the same city where Paul Rudd and Rob Riggle hail from, which makes us think the comedy trio should instantly start work on a script based around their Kansas roots. Or, just on any script really.

Jason Sudeikis actually had a connection to the glitzy world of television too. In fact, it’s one of the best links that any young kid could ask for, because his uncle was none other than George Wendt, best known as Norm Peterson on Cheers. Basically, between 1982 and 1993, Sudeikis was able to win any argument by revealing who his famous relative was.

Soon Jason Sudeikis set out to match the exploits of his famous uncle, trying to prove his worth in the world of improvisational comedy. At first this saw him performing at Kansas City’s ComedySportz, which is now known as Comedy City. But he soon realised that in order to reach his true potential he’d need to move further afield, which took him to the improv mecca that is Chicago.

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