Netflix Has A Job For An 'Associate Witcher, Security' And You Can Really Apply

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2020 is the start of a new decade that will give Netflix some stiff competition in the streaming wars, and the company is offering up the oddball job of a lifetime to some lucky fans. Ok, whether or not it's an official job is in question, though there's visual legitimacy in Netflix's job posting for a security position as "Associate Witcher." The streaming giant's latest gimmick mostly sounds like it was made up to promote The Witcher, but it's still quite intriguing all around.

What does it take to become an Associate Witcher? Well, according to Netflix's job posting, effective communication skills are a must, as is a comfort in multi-tasking and understanding the differences between good and evil. The post notes that applicants should have their own horse and swords, and should be able to lift several hundred pounds repeatedly, and those necessities likely made some fans question the validity of Netflix's job posting. Are those details there just to spice up the job description, or are they actually looking for buff horsemen?

Anyone interested can find out for themselves, as applications are being accepted via Applicants are being told to send in a minute-long video detailing their qualifications, and there's a note that the submission videos may show up on Netflix's social media account. So fair warning to anyone turning in a video, be careful about sending in something that could go viral on Netflix's Twitter or Facebook in the future.

Those who receive the job might actually be already at work, since the job listing says applicants' first project would be given on December 20th, which was the very day The Witcher was released on Netflix. No current word on what that project entailed – "The first rule of Associate Witcherdom is you don't talk about Associate Witcherdom." – though it wouldn't be surprising if the task was to binge the season and or spread the word about its release. After all, who doesn't like to see Witchers supporting Witchers?

Hey, maybe this job could lead to applicants landing an appearance in The Witcher Season 2, considering Geralt is one of many Witchers in the franchise's universe. That may be optimistic, considering nothing within the job listing alluded to acting skills; as well, Netflix probably wouldn't list a casting call for an original series on its corporate job site. It's probably naive to expect this to be an actual paying job, though there may be some sweet swag in store for those who participate.

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The Witcher Season 1 is currently available to stream over on Netflix, and Season 2 is on the way. CinemaBlend will keep an ear to the ground for updates on what's happening with Season 2, and of course continue to keep readers informed on all the things happening in television and movies in 2020 and beyond.

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