Criminal Minds Keeps Creating Awkward JJ And Reid Moments, And It Needs To Stop

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Criminal Minds episode "Spectator Slowing." Read at your own risk!

Criminal Minds is in its final season, and it's looking to give fans all they want before shutting the series down. That means more peril, crazy cases, and apparently more teases that JJ and Reid will eventually get together and be the soulmates a chunk of the fanbase hopes they are. It appeared that Criminal Minds officially closed the door on the possibility in about as clean a way as possible, but now things could get messy again, and I say it needs to stop.

"Spectator Slowing" featured JJ getting back to the job, and one of the first people to give her a hug was good old Spencer Reid. Fans of the relationship went crazy of course, while I'm over here feeling super uncomfortable. Reid and JJ are close, and yes it's okay that Reid is glad to see her back on the job. Still, a hug no matter how platonic after all these two discussed in the hospital feels a bit skeevy.

For those who don't remember, Reid spent the second episode of Criminal Minds addressing JJ's awkward love confession from Season 14. He felt the same way, and had to get it out there in case she died in the hospital. JJ seemed to be unconscious when it happened. She later talked to Reid about the situation and explained that while she did love him, she still loved her husband and didn't wish to leave him or her children.

It was about as neat a conclusion to this relationship as Criminal Minds could pull off, but now these two are hugging on the job. Again, it wasn't overtly sensual in nature, but considering all that talk that happened ahead of that hug, I'd say both should feel a bit guilty about even holding eye contact for too long. JJ is happy with her life with her husband and children, and Reid deserves to find someone that he can start a life of his own with.

This is just my opinion, but the current dynamic of JJ and Reid with all feelings out in the open shines a negative light on both characters who are otherwise decent people. Criminal Minds is arguably catering to fan service that feels somewhat detrimental to the characters, though it is worth noting Reid is supposedly getting his own love interest before the final season is up. Perhaps the awkward tension will stop there, and both characters can still be happy while mutually acknowledging their feelings for each other? Until then, they should keep their hands to themselves.

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