Is Criminal Minds Already Finished With JJ And Reid?

Criminal Minds JJ And Spencer

Warning! The following contains spoilers for Criminal Minds' "Under The Skin" and "Awakenings." Read at your own risk!

Criminal Minds is in its final season, and if the first two episodes are any indicator of how things will go in Season 15, it's not leaving anything on the table. The first hour put JJ in some great peril when she took a bullet to the side in a parking garage, and it looked like yet another procedural might blindside viewers with a surprise death. She pulled through though, which gave her and Spencer Reid a chance to finally get that awkward moment between them out in the open.

I'm talking, of course, about that crazy moment in the Season 14 finale where JJ decided to profess her feelings for Reid in the heat of danger. It was kind of an awkward thing to address with JJ in the hospital hanging onto life while her husband and kids were on the way, but hey, Reid might not have gotten another shot! Reid took a small window to put it out there while JJ was recovering.

Once she woke up and got another private moment with her coworker, JJ decided to put it all out there. She apologized for putting Reid in an uncomfortable position by dropping the love bombshell on him, and said she's even more sorry that she can't deny she has feelings for him. With that said, she has feelings for her children and husband as well, and couldn't risk her life with them to pursue a relationship with him romantically. For now, it looks like that's the end of the potential couple.

Don't get down, Criminal Minds fans, because it's not all bad for Reid. It has been revealed he will find love at some point in Season 15. Perhaps this is due to the words of his mother, who suggested Reid not miss out on another shot at love by getting hung up on a missed relationship with JJ. If she's really unwilling to leave her marriage, Criminal Minds shippers should be able to live with Spence finding happiness elsewhere.

Honestly, it's probably the best possible ending to this romance that could be expected. JJ going through a messy divorce would be a bulky story line, and not exactly the most heartwarming "how we got together" type of story for fans to get behind. Criminal Minds found a way to address the scenario and get all feelings out on the table and, for now, put it to rest in a way I think is satisfying enough.

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