John Cena Reveals A Wardrobe Malfunction Is Why His WWE Persona Wore Jorts

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As John Cena continues to pave his way as an actor in Hollywood, the living WWE legend is being a bit more candid about the persona he played in his early years in the WWE. Cena's breakout character in the WWE started as a rapper from West Newbury, Massachusetts, who was known for his unique raps and street clothes gear. To this day Cena is one of the few wrestlers to have ever worn jorts in the ring, and now he has explained that it was all due to wardrobe malfunctions.

It's hard to look like a rough and tumble dude from the streets in wrestling trunks, so Cena wanted to don street clothes for his in-ring look. Jorts weren't the first option he landed on, but as he explained to James Corden on The Late Late Show, other clothing options were causing problems for him in the ring.

I chose denim because it's tough to blow the crotch out of denim. I tried cargo pants and, in front of the world a couple times, here I am trying to put my life on the line with superstars during a match, and everyone is just looking at my dick. So denim is a safe play!

John Cena could've been known for cargo shorts, but, unfortunately, they just couldn't hold up to the typical wear and tear needed for a professional wrestling match. The fabric would rip, and as John Cena said, his penis would find its way out of his clothing for anyone watching to see. While the WWE has been known to press the boundaries with its content in the past, showing such explicit nudity is not something it tries to do often, if ever.

The jorts didn't just keep John Cena's package secured, they became a piece of clothing the actor is synonymous with. Cena even tried to launch a clothing line of jorts back in 2014, though he has since revealed that those did not sell well commercially. As it turns out, not everyone needs the durability yet breathability of jorts in their everyday lives. Not everyone is John Cena, as this wonderful retelling of the story will show:

John Cena eventually dropped the gangster rap angle from his WWE character, and went on to become one of the most-celebrated wrestlers of the modern era. And while Cena doesn't always wear jorts in his personal life, they've remained a steady part of his clothing rotation whenever he gets back in the ring. Hey, it's basically his legacy now, and obviously helps the WWE keep the all-ages rating it strives for in this modern era.

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