Why John Cena Wants To Stick With The WWE As His Acting Career Blows Up

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Despite his meteoric acting career, John Cena is planning to remain with the WWE. The famed wrestler has some big reasons why he intends to stick with where he got his start at making a name for himself. Explaining his concerted efforts, Cena said:

I'm literally in the search for balance, I am. I've told everyone in the WWE that I will not abandon ship. This is my home, this is my family, and I'm realizing how tough it is to balance everything but I'm here, and the best I can do is manage my time the best I can, and really just never leave my family out to dry. I have some wonderful opportunities coming up that I'm going to take advantage of, and a lot of that involves me being away from the WWE.

Talking during a SmackDown Live exclusive, John Cena opened up about efforts not every person in his position would be willing to make. Cena's acting career has been on fire, and the super-busy entertainer has been going non-stop. He has not forgotten where he got his big break, and he is making the time to prove it.

In the interview, John Cena continued talking about what has been going on behind-the-scenes in his life and career, including that the WWE told him he could take a break. Cena revealed how he responded to the offer as well as explaining why he has been pursuing what he has. Cena said:

But there are things that I want to pursue in lie, and as a 41-going-on-42-year-old man, I'm not afraid of taking those chances, even if some people are soured with my chances. But every second I have to myself, I wish there was a way to describe how busy I've been. And the opportunity I was given to stay home, the opportunity I was given from authority figures of the WWE to be like, 'Hey, you need to take some rest for you.' And my immediate answer was, 'No, put me on every show, not just SmackDown Live or just the televised shows.' I have a certain amount of time and I'm doing every single show because this is where I feel like I belong, and this is where I feel like my family is.

It is undoubtedly a delight to WWE fans that John Cena is continuing to make his wrestling career a priority. Considering how Cena's acting career has blown up over the past few years, making a full-time transition into the industry is a step many would have taken by now.

Last year, John Cena continued his movie ascent with the comedy Blockers. He can currently be seen in the Transformers franchise's latest installment, Bumblebee. He has signaled he is not opposed to taking on even more high-profile projects. Earlier last month, Cena shared he would be willing to replace Chris Evans as Captain America.

The WWE is never far from his heart though. John Cena recently opened up on his newly enlightened perspective on making movies. Due to his newfound appreciation of working on a movie set, he gained a new perspective on WWE alum, The Rock. He even apologized for his beef with the superstar.

John Cena is continuing to stick with the WWE while pulling double duty as a rising movie star. It requires extra effort that his fans most assuredly appreciate him making. Cena's foray into wrestling has endured for nearly 20 years.

No one could fault John Cena for wanting to jump into Hollywood fully. However, leaving the home of where an entertainer started comes with its own share of drawbacks. He has been building a fan base there for a long time.

John Cena's work with WWE has not just involved him working in the ring. He has also starred in movies produced by WWE Studios, including 2006's The Marine and 2009's 12 Rounds.

John Cena is currently enjoying the best of both worlds. He is continuing to build his filmography without walking away from WWE. Unlike what usually goes down in the wrestling ring, everybody wins.

You can currently catch John Cena in Bumblebee, which is now in theaters. As for television, a lot of new content awaits viewers this winter.

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