Chicago P.D. Actor Hilariously Reacts To Getting Killed Off

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Spoilers ahead for the January 22 episode of Chicago P.D., "The Devil You Know."

Chicago P.D. is consistently the darkest of the three One Chicago series, and "The Devil You Know" took advantage of the 10 p.m. ET time slot to get pretty gruesome in killing off a character: Darius Walker. Played by Michael Beach, Darius may have been doomed ever since he made an enemy of Upton, but who could have guessed his end would come courtesy of Upton going full-on Voight and arranging his death?

Darius was last seen on Chicago P.D. as a bloody corpse arranged on a pool table, pool ball shoved in his mouth, with a dead rat strung up over him, proving that Michael Beach definitely was not kidding around when he promised CinemaBlend some "shocking stuff" was on the way. Fortunately, Beach shared a reaction to Darius' death on social media where he's looking a whole lot livelier, and the video itself is pretty hilarious. Take a look!

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In case it wasn't already obvious by the laughing emoji, Michael Beach's Twitter reaction to Darius getting killed off Chicago P.D. was not a bitter rant about leaving the show. He actually kept a straight face throughout the first half of the video, but he broke into a grin when the episode panned to Upton. Considering Upton more or less arranged for Darius to be murdered, Beach probably wouldn't smile at Tracy Spiridakos' character if he was bitter!

Michael Beach's "See you later, boy" to Voight was fitting, since he'd previously shared that the two were almost "the same guy." He stated that it was a pleasure working with him, then informed viewers that Eriq La Salle "did that to him" when the episode lingered on the bloody mess of Darius' body. La Salle directed "The Devil You Know," as well as other episodes of Chicago P.D., Chicago Med, and even the short-lived Chicago Justice. Beach ended by laughing, saying goodbye to Chicago P.D., and sharing that it was "a blast."

Michael Beach, who also joined Apple TV+'s Truth Be Told, had a fun reaction to a not-so-fun scene. While Darius Walker was definitely a criminal, his death wasn't something Voight was celebrating. Upton, who was previously the Intelligence cop who went by-the-book more than any of the others, crossed some lines to arrange Darius' death in a way that satisfied her need to put him down without actually doing the deed or giving an order herself. Even Upton seemed more grimly satisfied than happy with the result.

So, what's next on Chicago P.D. now that Darius is dead and Michael Beach is finished on the show? Well, the next episode will apparently be Burgess-centric as she deals with desk duty due to her pregnancy, but Tracy Spiridakos revealed that Voight will keep an eye on Upton after she went dark in "The Devil You Know." She also confirmed Halstead will eventually find out what she did, and it should be interesting to see how that does or doesn't impact their relationship now that it could be turning romantic.

The next new episode of Chicago P.D. airs Wednesday, February 5 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC, following new episodes of Chicago Fire at 9 p.m. ET and Chicago Med at 8 p.m. ET.

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