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How Chicago P.D.'s Burgess Feels After Tragic Episode, According To The Actress

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Warning: spoilers for the February 5 episode of Chicago P.D. entitled “I Was Here.”

Chicago P.D. fans have been nervously watching ever since the police drama revealed that Kim Burgess and Adam Ruzek were having a baby, and those nerves ended up being justified as the pregnancy ended in tragedy.

In Chicago P.D.’s February 5 episode (“I Was Here”), Burgess was attacked by a sex trafficker while trying to save a young woman she had received a 911 call from. She made this move despite the danger to her unborn child and her earlier decision to take on lighter duty. In trying to save the victim, Burgess was brutally attacked and ended up losing her baby.

As expected, Burgess is devastated and has been sent reeling. Burgess will apparently dive deep into work when she returns to active duty. Marina Squerciati, who earned a rave review from CinemaBlend’s Laura Hurley for her performance, explained how Burgess feels after the tragic episode. On Burgess’ emotional state moving forward on Chicago P.D., Squerciati told Us Weekly:

She’s dead inside. She’s throwing herself into work, not allowing herself to lean into Ruzek and it just, how does Burgess get trouble? She loves too much, she hurts too much and so she wants to shut that part down. That little girls’ voice was what threw her and put her in this dangerous situation and not everyone would do that.

Burgess was trying to do the right thing in rushing off to rescue the girl. However, the consequences of that choice led to a brutal and horrifying face-off that claimed the life of Burgess’s baby. From the sound of things, Chicago P.D. fans should not expect Burgess to find comfort with her baby’s father, Ruzek.

Burgess and Ruzek’s relationship took an unexpected turn upon the shocking news of Burgess’s pregnancy. Now they are facing mourning this tragic loss, and it does not sound like they will be doing a lot of that together. This, despite Ruzek’s best attempts. Adding to matters are Burgess’ complicated feelings over what led to her losing their baby. Marina Squerciati said:

It’s not all good and it’s not all bad so how do you get through that? I feel like if it was black or white, she’d be able to come out of it easier and I think this will stay with her longer. When she feels bad about what she did, it’s almost like she’s regretting the life of the woman she saved. When she feels good about what she did, then she’s not regretting the life of the child she didn’t. So there’s just no easy way through it.

Burgess will have a lot to sift through as Chicago P.D.’s season continues. If she had not launched into action, she would have been forever haunted by what could have befallen the woman. However, if she had not acted, her baby would probably still be alive, unless an unrelated situation had led to the pregnancy being lost.

Promotional photos for Chicago P.D.’s next episode do not show either Burgess or Ruzek. Ruzek will be involved in the upcoming Chicago P.D./Chicago Fire crossover, so there is that.

Tthe Chicago P.D. crossover will also see the return of Burgess’ ex, Sean Roman, in a “seedy, backhanded way.” In light of Burgess’ loss, will she lean on Roman to help her through it, since she is distancing herself from Ruzek? Patrick John Flueger, who plays Ruzek, has said that his character has “always loved Burgess.”

Hopefully, he and Burgess can find a way to connect and help each other through this difficult time. New episodes of Chicago P.D. air Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC. The police drama is one of the many shows airing fresh throughout this winter and spring.

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