Chicago P.D. Is Bringing Back An Old Character In A 'Seedy, Backhanded Way'

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Chicago P.D. will be busy when it returns in February. As fans of the One Chicago franchise know, Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire are gearing up for a crossover. One Chicago showrunner Derek Haas revealed to CinemaBlend that the crossover brings back an old P.D. character in the process, and Chicago P.D.'s Patrick John Flueger teased what's in store with the big return.

Brian Geraghty will reprise his role as Sean Roman for Chicago P.D.’s crossover. Geraghty was a series regular throughout Season 2 and 3 as Kim Burgess’ partner and eventual love interest. He exited in Season 3. Fast forward to Season 7, and Burgess is currently pregnant with her and her ex Adam Ruzek’s baby, which has led to some nerve-wracking speculation.

Burgess had been keeping her pregnancy close to the vest with word gradually trickling out. Cue the return of her other ex, Roman, and you have a complicated situation for Chicago P.D.’s crossover with Chicago Fire. Why? Roman will do something that makes an already tense situation all the more tense. On Ruzek’s response to Roman’s reemergence, Patrick John Flueger told TVLine:

I doubt that he’s going to like it very much. [Roman is] trying to protect his sister, and therefore, he’s playing things in a very subversive way. He goes to the fire department, acts like he’s in touch with us — which he’s not — and he goes about things in a bit of a seedy, backhanded way, which doesn’t get us off to a very good start. I don’t know how they’re going to write it, but I would gather that there would be some tension there.

Tension might be an understatement! According to Patrick John Flueger, Roman is going to act like he is buddied up, or at least in communication, with the fire department. The problem is that it is not accurate. Is it entirely Roman’s “backhanded” approach to things that will bother Ruzek? Or is it Roman’s history with Burgess that may be an undercurrent to his disapproval?

Patrick John Flueger previously discussed Ruzek’s feelings for Burgess. Of course, Chicago P.D. will have a lot of different angles to play with Roman’s return. After all, the reason for Roman coming back is not to win back Burgess. Roman returns because his sister has gone missing, which leads to a revenge-style storyline.

Will Roman’s “seedy” start in getting into the graces of the fire department eventually turn around? Patrick John Flueger hints at a rough beginning. However, things do not have to end that way. By the time Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire’s crossover concludes, things could be looking up.

A lot is going on in the One Chicago universe. Chicago P.D. will rejoin the action before you know it. Fans have a lot to look forward to with all of the potential romances and the intriguing crossover storyline. How much the series will play up Burgess and Roman’s own romantic past remains to be seen.

Patrick John Flueger’s tease indicates that most of Ruzek’s angst will have to do with Roman’s handling of things with the fire department. Flueger made no mention of Burgess-related tension surfacing in this particular quote. Will Chicago P.D. end up incorporating it? It feels like a safe bet. Time will tell if it pays off.

Stay tuned because Chicago P.D. will be back with new episodes on Wednesday, February 5, at 10 p.m. ET on NBC. The crossover airs February 26 among this winter’s premieres, so mark your calendars!

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