Legacies Spoilers: Kai Parker's Return Could Have Devastating Consequences For The Saltzmans

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Warning! The following contains spoilers to the Legacies episode "Kai Parker Screwed Us." Read at your own risk!

Kai Parker returned in a moment that Legacies fans have been waiting on for quite some time, and man, did he not disappoint. To say the episode title "Kai Parker Screwed Us" is accurate may be an understatement, as Josie learned firsthand why she shouldn't trust her murderous (and bearded) uncle. Josie actually learned that a couple times in the episode, though the real kicker at the end featured Kai putting the twin in a tough position that could devastate the Saltzman family.

The problem started with Ric, Josie, and Lizzie in the very same Prison World that Kai has been trapped in. It turns out Ric threw some murderous past students in there as well, and they were none too happy about being trapped for the past decade. They couldn't die in this world, but the Saltzmans could, which put Josie in some grave danger fairly early. Just before she became a meal to a hungry vampire, Josie was saved by her dearest uncle Kai.

Josie knew she shouldn't trust her uncle considering he killed she and Lizzie's mother right before her marriage to their father. Kai was understanding of his niece's apprehension, but informed Josie that he knew how to escape the Prison World. If she wanted to escape with her family, she would need his help. Josie didn't have a lot of options, and given that she had to fight off the former students who kept regenerating, she needed the backup.

The two met up with Ric, who was less than thrilled his daughter was working with Kai. Josie ended up putting her father in chains to prevent his interference, which turned out to be an awful decision because Kai was working with those murderous teens all along. With Ric in chains and Josie duped, Kai planned on using some Bennett blood he found to escape the Prison World and leave the Saltzmans behind to be tortured to death by the vengeful former students.

Luckily, Josie and Ric held on long enough to escape danger, which was fortunate for Kai as he realized he was duped by his niece with fake Bennett blood. Whether it was pride in her treachery or just a convenient way for Legacies to give the Saltzmans an out, Kai decided to ring up his niece and give her a tip. Kai told Josie she can break her mora miserium and absorb enough dark magic to get her whole family out of the Prison World. Of course, doing that will either kill her or "turn her into a monster," which may be why Kai was so willing to help.

Josie only had until Kai passed through the portal to Malivore before she forgot about the option, and wasted no time in shattering that hourglass. Josie was swarmed by Black Magic, which made her eyes go dark. The effects weren't seen beyond that, minus the fact that Lizzie (who was miles away) got a nosebleed and crashed a cop car she was using to transport Sebastian. She wasn't in on all the Kai stuff like Josie and Ric were, but her drinking vampire blood will absolutely create a whole other set of problems.

The good news is that Josie just found a way for her, Ric, and Lizzie to escape the Prison World. Unfortunately, while there's no telling how absorbing all that Black Magic will affect her, Kai's hint is that it won't be good. Legacies fans were left to wonder what problems are next for the Saltzmans, though we did get to see Kai Parker arrive in Malivore. For him, eternal suffering was just a "change of scenery," and his first interaction with the Necromancer teased even the inhabitants of the hell dimension don't know what they're in for.

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