Why The Vampire Diaries Fans Probably Won't Get Any More Spinoffs Anytime Soon

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It's the end of an era for The Vampire Diaries Universe, and the beginning of a new era for Julie Plec. She is basically the queen of this universe, as co-creator of The Vampire Diaries and creator of both spinoffs The Originals and Legacies. Legacies Season 2 is currently still airing, but Plec just announced she's leaving Warner Bros. TV after 11 years -- since TVD premiered in 2009 -- for a new deal at Universal Television.

Julie Plec's four-year exclusive overall deal means she'll develop projects for Universal through her banner. She'll not only create and write new shows, she'll also supervise other writers as they create shows for Universal and NBCUniversal's new streaming service Peacock.

According to Deadline, Julie Plec's new Universal deal is worth around $60 million. It's awesome for her, and an exciting time, but what does it mean for The Vampire Diaries Universe? Well, it probably means we won't get more spinoffs, not that we were expecting any after Legacies. That said, no one was really expecting The Originals and Legacies before they came along and became very popular with fans.

More timely question: What does it mean for Legacies, which is not only airing Season 2 right now -- with Vampire Diaries' Kai Parker coming back next week -- it was already renewed for Season 3? Well, a fan asked Julie Plec that question and she answered:

Legacies fans asked if she'll still be in charge or if someone else will be in charge instead. There's no official clarification on that, but some fans pointed out that Legacies executive producer/writer Brett Matthews has been a major force on the show and it's possible he'll just transition into the lead voice. It could be similar to the way Krista Vernoff is now the lead showrunner on ABC's Grey's Anatomy but it will always be Shonda Rhimes' show, even though she signed a new deal at Netflix.

Brett Matthews was quick to congratulate his mentor on her new Universal deal:

As Julie Plec noted in her tweet, she plans to still be involved in Legacies. She's also an executive producer on The CW's Roswell, New Mexico (which co-stars TVD and Originals alumni). Here's what she said in a statement to Deadline on the new deal:

I’m thrilled to embark on a new journey with [Universal Television President Pearlena Igbokwe] and the group of extraordinary women who are ruling the world at Universal Television. They’ve made it abundantly clear just how much opportunity there is at the studio right now, with the launch of Peacock and their active relationships with the other streamers, not to mention the broadcast opportunities. I love making television that is both thrilling and emotionally powerful, and I look forward to the adventure ahead at my new home. I am also grateful for my current home, WBTV, and look forward to continuing to nourish the shows we happily built together over the last decade.

Julie Plec is keeping busy beyond Universal and The Vampire Diaries Universe. She also has a series called The Girls on the Bus that was picked up straight-to-series at Netflix.

But Universal? Let me tell you my new hope. Sure, Vampire Diaries fans probably won't get more spinoffs, but see the photo at the top of this post? That's our beloved Joseph Morgan as Klaus Mikaelson. His new show Brave New World is coming to Peacock, NBCUniversal's new streaming service.

So my new hope is that Julie Plec and Joseph Morgan end up creating a series together for Peacock. Boom. You want Vampire Diaries fans to subscribe to the service? That's a good way. Get Paul Wesley or Ian Somerhalder to come in and direct episodes for a full reunion, make everyone happy from the former stars to the longtime fans.

Meanwhile, Legacies Season 2 will welcome Kai Parker back from The Vampire Diaries starting next Thursday, February 6 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. He's going to wreak havoc on the show, especially for poor Josie Saltzman. But he is the best villain TVD ever had, according to Ian Somerhalder, so maybe Julie Plec can put more pressure on Chris Wood to follow her to Universal too. Why not?

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