Watching Kelly Clarkson Learn To Make Balloon Animals Is Hilarious And My New Favorite Thing

kelly clarkson making balloon animals

If you're ever having one of those days when it feels like only dark clouds are overhead, and the universe appears out to get you and only you, there is joy still to be had in this world. Its form is non-orthodox, and its origins are unexpected, but it exists as a video in which GLOW star Allison Brie appears on The Kelly Clarkson Show and gives the outgoing host a lesson in crafting a balloon animal. It's scientifically proven (or not) that watching it will give viewers strength and purpose.

Check out the hilarious video below, and just try not to experience the manic highs and knife-edge tension as the highly successful Voice coach Kelly Clarkson attempts to twist an animal out of a balloon.

If it wasn't already obvious, Kelly Clarkson would not be hired for birthday parties as a balloon animal expert, so I suppose it's a good thing she's got that whole "Grammy-winning voice and electric stage presence" thing to fall back on in that respect. Would it be weird to have a birthday party themed after a popular daytime talk show? Because she would also nail that approach.

Speaking of, Allison Brie was known for her party clown antics when she was a teenager, which is how she got to be so skilled in the ways of inflatable creatures. Something tells me a party clown would get some strange looks if he or she had this reaction for every successful twist of the balloon.

However, that is still one of the greatest reactions to anything, so it would be allowed. That's the kind of face I make whenever I perfectly fry an egg or parallel park, but would also presumably be how I'd react to discovering a new element or meeting an alien being.

The below reaction, meanwhile, is one that I have whenever I finish grocery shopping and a magical new checkout lane opens up, or when I wake up and there's already coffee made, but I'm alone in the house.

kelly clarkson happy with balloon animals talk show

The final product took a while to come together, relatively speaking, with Kelly Clarkson maintaining her nervousness about handling the balloon too roughly. (That balloon was totally a trouble-maker, too, if you ask me.)

But in the end, that inflatable doggy came into existence, and Kelly Clarkson's reaction was on par with someone who actually created life from the ethers. Not that Allison Brie's was anything to sneeze at.

Not that I'd ever wish foul things upon myself, since fate and luck have their fangs out on a daily basis, but I almost wish something would step in and anger me today just so I could immediately combat it with watching that video. In Kelly Clarkson's joy, I trust.

The Kelly Clarkson Show airs weekdays in syndication, so be sure and check your local listings to see when and where it's playing in your area.

Nick Venable
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