Check Out The Rock's Daughter Simone Johnson As She Starts Training For WWE Debut

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Even if he hadn't become a Hollywood blockbuster icon inherent to such franchises as the Jumanji films and the Fast and Furious movies, Dwayne Johnson would have still been internationally renowned as one of the most electrifying athletes to ever step foot in a wrestling ring. Now, the family's pro wrestling legacy just got a little deeper, as daughter Simon Johnson has just officially signed a contract with the WWE.

Simone Johnson has become the fourth generation within her family to serve as a professional wrestler, with both her grandfather Rocky Johnson and great-grandfather Peter Maivia being legends in their day. That's a WWE first, for those keeping track. Time will tell if The Rock's daughter will be able to stand toe to toe with the growing number of female WWE superstars, but I'm pretty confident she's going to make a mark.

Check out Simone Johnson's post below.

For those who want to get a better idea of what Simone Johnson looks like in the gym, and also want to hear what some trainers have to say about her, check out the official WWE announcement video below.

If only everyone in the world could be so blissful and joyous about getting a new job. Not that Simone Johnson won't have to face her own share of troubles as a WWE athlete. It's not always the easiest place to keep a job, but it's certainly a job like no other. (Beyond being a pro wrestler in a less financially viable circuit.)

Unsurprisingly, Dwayne Johnson himself got online and shared a heartfelt post about welcoming Simone to the future of the WWE. (#HumbleHungry)

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Also unsurprisingly, many of the WWE's elite came out of the woodwork to congratulate Simone Johnson on getting her start with the WWE and WWE NXT, from legends like Triple H to Billie Kay to Carmella. It seems like everyone cannot wait for the young athlete to get fully invested in WWE festivities.

To be sure, Simone Johnson has been training for this day for years, having first entered training at the WWE's Performance Center back in 2017 when she was just 17 years old. One has to assume that Dwayne Johnson will find the time to make appearances whenever she's got matches, though he may have to hold himself back from jumping into the ring to defend her. Dads will be dads.

Dwayne Johnson's soothing tones were heard by nearly 100 million people last weekend, with the actor and athlete providing his vocals for each team's introduction video for Super Bowl LIV, and it was hype. Not long before that, sadly, his father Rocky Johnson passed away, and only a few days later, he went to work on his upcoming actioner Red Notice. The man's dedication and workhorse-manship is second to none in Hollywood. Perhaps one day we will be watching Simone Johnson's Titan Games on NBC, should the apple have fallen not far from the tree.

For now, it's not clear exactly when Simone Johnson will make her official WWE debut, but we'll definitely be waiting to smell-l-l-l-l what she's cooking . While waiting for more details, head to our Winter and Spring TV premiere schedule.

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