The Survivor: Winners At War Player Jeff Probst Would've Voted Out First

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Jeff Probst has been hosting Survivor since it began, so he has seen many competitors voted out. He undoubtedly knows the ins and outs of the series better than just about anybody. What about if Probst was competing in Season 40, a.k.a. Survivor: Winners at War? Who would he vote out first?

The competition will be fierce! In Survivor: Winners at War, Jeff Probst will host as 20 past champions come together to compete in one of the most intense matches in the series’ history. On who he would vote off first, Probst told EW:

The guy who still makes me the most uncomfortable is Rob. Because Boston Rob is resourceful like no one I’ve ever seen. He just finds ways to stay in it longer than he should, and every minute that he lasts a little longer than he should, he’s a little closer to getting rid of you. And he is the guy I would take out.

If Jeff Probst was voting, Boston Rob would not be sticking around for long at all. Probst has his reasons, and it is not because he dislikes Boston Rob, but rather he recognizes him as a critical threat. When you think about Probst's choice, it is quite a compliment to Boston Rob, who has said he is retiring from the franchise after Survivor: Winners at War.

Jeff Probst cites the Survivor veteran’s resourcefulness as one of the reasons he would need to vote Boston Rob off first. It is an interesting selection in that Boston Rob is not who Probst said “could win” Survivor: Winners at War. That would be Danni Boatwright. Alas, Probst is well-aware of allegiances, which brings him to the person he would vote off second.

You did not think that Jeff Probst was going to stop with Boston Rob, did you? Probst, who has shared what the key to winning is, continued probing into who he would vote off on Survivor: Winners at War. Considering who Probst chose to vote off first, his second choice will probably not surprise you. Probst explained:

And I would then take out his wife. But I would take him out first. He’s my first one. And I love him! But, dude, I do not want to play against you. You are too good. You know how to flatter. You know how to cajole. You know how to intimidate. You know how to threaten. You know how to extort. You know how to get someone to save your future wife and then kill them in front of everybody and they help you bury him! ‘Nice job, buddy. Pretty clean hit there.’

Once you vote off the husband, you almost definitely have to vote off the wife. Probst knows all about those pre-show alliances and so does Boston Rob! After revealing that he would vote off Boston Rob's wife, Amber, Jeff Probst continued to double down on voting Boston Rob off first. You have to be savvy if you want to win the game of…wait, wrong show.

Still, the same method as the one utilized by Game of Thrones’ cast of characters applies! It is not like Jeff Probst does not have feelings. At the same time, he has hosted Survivor for a long time, and he knows what it takes to survive! Fans will have to see if Winners at War’s competitors share Probst’s strategy when it comes time to cast their votes!

Tune in to see if Boston Rob is voted out first when Season 40 gets underway! Survivor: Winners At War premieres Wednesday, February 12, at 8 p.m. ET. The series is one of the shows airing new throughout this winter and spring.

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