The Masked Singer's Latest Elimination Proves It Takes More Than Talent To Win

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Warning! The following contains spoilers to The Masked Singer's Group A Finals. Read at your own risk!

In what is becoming a recurring theme across seasons, The Masked Singer said an early goodbye to a really talented competitor. The audience and judges cast their votes, and just when it seemed like The White Tiger's time was finally up in Season 3, another name was called in his place. It was the talented Miss Monster that went home, but it was her identity that proved it takes more than talent to win The Masked Singer.

Miss Monster was the last member of Group A to be sent home, and in a competition that should favor Grammy award-winning professional singers, she was let down by the judges and audience. Her time had come and when the mask came off the judges were mildly surprised to see iconic singer Chaka Khan waiting underneath.

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Like so many Grammy-winning singers before her, Robin Thicke and other judges recognized her voice after a couple performances. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to help her survival in The Masked Singer all that much, even when she was arguably the second-best singer in Group A. Granted, The Kangaroo is a very close third in that ranking, but it's really The White Tiger's advancement that fans should be upset about.

Just to be perfectly candid, for me there is no way an audience witnessing those performances tonight and voting based on singing ability should've eliminated Miss Monster after hearing White Tiger. The contestant had already fallen under some scrutiny for doing raps his first two performances, though it was understandable why he went that route after hearing his third performance. White Tiger did a rendition of Queen's "We Will Rock You," and if Andre The Giant were living, I would've guessed it was him under that mask.

There is a reason The Masked Singer spliced that clip towards the tail end of White Tiger's performance. It was bad. The judges were even in tears afterwards laughing at how Robin Thicke tried his best to say something positive about the performance. The White Tiger seemingly took it all in stride, though it should be noted tears can't be seen from outside the mask.

White Tiger should've gone home, but his charisma and high energy seemingly saved him once again. This may be in part due to The Masked Singer's voting process, which asks the audience to vote for their favorite performer. The performer with the lowest votes is eliminated, which means solid singers with comparable performances might split votes. Meanwhile guys like White Tiger can get some sympathy votes merely for how entertaining they were on stage, and that can be enough to save someone from elimination. Chaka Khan was done dirty, but credit to White Tiger for getting by on something other than his voice!

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