Could Supergirl's Jeremy Jordan Return As A Series Regular?

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Supergirl fans have enjoyed a bit more of Jeremy Jordan as of late, as the actor recently reprised his role as Winn Schott to help the team out against his evil doppelganger. Winn will appear again in the 100th episode of the season, which may lead some to wonder if the series could be plotting a comeback for the character to appear as a regular in the future.

No one knows the future just yet, but Jeremy Jordan has signaled he's down to return to Supergirl. He also talked about his recent stint on The CW series, and how "natural" and "normal" it felt getting back to the show.

It’s just the fact that Winn has always been part of the DNA of the show and when he returns for these couple episodes it really just felt natural and normal. The second I stepped on the set it was like I had never left and we just had a blast. I would be more than happy to come back and guest star again in the future. I don’t think it will happen this season, unfortunately, I think they’re almost done filming, but hopefully next season maybe we can find something and continue the journey.

If Jeremy Jordan is as willing to return to Supergirl as he told EW, that's half the battle. The other half will be seeing whether or not the writers want to see him return, and whether or not more Winn conflicts with any plans the show may have going forward. Beyond that, we know that Supergirl will return for Season 6, so there's definitely a possibility of this happening.

Especially when considering the number of guest starts the Arrow-verse has relied on for its story-telling for years. Folks like Wentworth Miller and Colin Donnell have been just as beloved as some of these hero shows' main cast members, and it's possible Jeremy Jordan's Winn could be that guy for Supergirl.

Of course, there's a difference between being a guest star and a series regular. The latter requires a bit more face time from a character, which would be doable for Winn if he decided to prolong his time in the present. Winn left the series in Season 3 to fight crime with the Legion of Super-Heroes in the future. Perhaps Season 6 will kick off with his character back in the mix, or maybe even Kara finding a reason to jump back to the future?

It's not entirely certain what Kara will and won't do going forward, especially after all the changes that happened after "Crisis On Infinite Earths." Shows like The Flash have even gone so far as to revamp some of their villains with new life, so the sky is the limit for what changes may appear.

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