Supergirl's Jeremy Jordan Explains Why He's Leaving The Show

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Spoilers ahead for the Supergirl Season 3 finale.

The Season 3 finale of Supergirl was a wild ride from start to finish with some high emotional highs and some very low emotional lows. By the end of the episode, the team at the D.E.O. was quite different due to the departure of Winn and the addition of Brainiac 5 in his place. News that Winn would be leaving actually broke ahead of the finale, so fans who keep track of Supergirl news knew that he would take off from the D.E.O. in some way. Now, actor Jeremy Jordan has taken to social media to reveal why he left Supergirl as a regular:

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As it turns out, Jeremy Jordan didn't leave Supergirl as a regular due to a falling out with any of his coworkers or because the show ran out of stories to tell for his character and needed to get rid of him. No, Jordan simply decided that the time was right for him to move on and star a new chapter in his life, and let it be one that allows him to spend more time with his wife while settling on where to go next in his career. He only has kind words for the people he worked with on Supergirl, and he even tagged a bunch of his Supergirl pals in the post, including Floriana Lima, who actually left Supergirl earlier in the third season.

The good news for fans who already miss the "little cardigan wearing hobbit" as a regular presence in the D.E.O. is that Winn won't be entirely M.I.A. in Season 4. Jeremy Jordan's Instagram post promises that Winn won't be gone for good, and the Season 3 finale ended his story in a way that leaves the door wide open for a return at just about any point.

Winn decided to leave the D.E.O., his friends, and 2018 behind in the Season 3 finale after Brainy broke the news that technology developed by Winn will go on to save countless lives as long as he gets to work on it. Although initially conflicted due to the fact that he didn't want to leave everything he knew behind, he ultimately agreed to leave with the Legion of Super-Heroes to work for the greater good, and he got a going-away party that gave a fitting farewell to Winn as a regular. When Supergirl returns, Jeremy Jordan will be recurring rather than regular.

His final scene proved that he could be in for a lot of fun, and Mon-El -- who also won't be around as a regular in Season 4 -- left Kara with a Legion ring. Winn could be just a phone call away, if we're counting communication via futuristic superhero rings as "phone calls." It wasn't goodbye forever, and it's not like we'll be seeing any of the characters back on the small screen any time soon. Supergirl is now on hiatus until the fall.

The finale ended on a cliffhanger that sets Supergirl up to adapt an incredible Superman comics story, so there will be plenty to speculate about in the coming months. When Supergirl does return, it will be on a new night, and you can find all the Arrow-verse changes on The CW's fall lineup. For your upcoming viewing option, check out our summer TV schedule.

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