Former Chicago P.D. Star Got 'Closure' After Leaving, But Is He Gone For Good?

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Chicago P.D. is poised to return to NBC after a brief break with a crossover event with Chicago Fire. Airing on February 26, the crossover will bring back none other than former P.D. regular Brian Geraghty as Sean Roman in a central role. The return for the crossover doesn't mark a return to P.D. in an ongoing capacity, but could Geraghty (last seen in P.D. Season 3) return as Roman anyway?

The actor revealed ahead of the crossover that he got "closure," but he also weighed in on potentially returning. Here's how Brian Geraghty put it:

I felt like I got some closure to him. The show’s doing great, and there’s no need to bring another character back. But certainly, if they had a storyline that was compelling… I had such a great relationship with the show in general, but also [executive producer] Dick [Wolf]. I certainly am open to it. But I don’t think anybody’s trying to just fill some void. The way they did this was certainly very high-stakes and compelling, and that’s the way I think would be most interesting to ever bring a character back. And I didn’t realize how much — I have a lot of fans from this show. It’s been great. A lot of people love these shows. It’s pretty incredible.

Based on Brian Geraghty's comments to TVLine, Chicago P.D. fans shouldn't start hoping for a surprise reveal of Sean Roman, returning series regular! According to the actor, Chicago P.D. is doing just fine without him and he got his closure, but he'd be "open" to returning if the storyline is right.

Considering Jon Seda probably isn't returning as Antonio Dawson any time soon, the potential of more Roman is a positive. Brian Geraghty is certainly right that people love the One Chicago shows, based on the ratings!

That said, Brian Geraghty's comments don't confirm that he will be back, but hopefully fans can take them to mean that Roman won't be killed off by the end of the crossover. The person is danger during the Fire/P.D. two-parter is seemingly Roman's younger sister, and unofficially investigating her case will require some sketchy tactics by the former cop.

Severide of Fire will apparently become suspicious of Roman's methods, and all signs point toward Roman as a potential murder suspect before the end of the crossover. As long as he's not the murder victim, he could come back, right? The love story between Roman and Burgess may never return to what it was, even if actress Marina Squerciati confirmed there is still love between them.

Brian Geraghty went on to share that he'd had a "feeling" that he'd return to P.D. after leaving as a series regular in Season 3:

You know, I had a feeling… When I came on the show, I was never supposed to be there long-term. So it wasn’t anything weird when I left. The time was expired, and I like to move around a lot. I’m an actor. I like to play all different parts. So, no, I’m not surprised, because of the way they left it open. I got Law & Order, my first episode was in 1998. [I did] a different one [SVU] eight years later. Then there was a couple opportunities, and then this came along. It was great timing. So Dick has been just a great advocate to me. We have a great relationship. So anytime Uncle Dick calls, I drop what I’m doing.

As Brian Geraghty pointed out, he has had more roles under the Dick Wolf banner than just Sean Roman. In a fun twist, the three shows of One Chicago technically share a universe with the Law & Order series, even if Med, Fire, and P.D. are far more likely to cross over with each other than for any of the One Chicago favorites to hang out with Olivia Benson over on SVU, but Geraghty has played three roles in one TV universe.

Will "Uncle Dick" call again for One Chicago, and Brian Geraghty will return for another go on some of Dick Wolf's shows? We'll have to wait and see. Fans may want to count on Roman leaving Chicago by the end of the crossover, since Geraghty evidently won't be around. Still, if he can drop in once, he can do it again! Assuming, of course, he doesn't die.

Personally, I think it would be hilarious if he joins the crew of One Chicago characters who are written out by joining Gabby Dawson's international charity organization, but that has to be incredibly unlikely. I would laugh, though!

See Brian Geraghty back in One Chicago as Sean Roman when the Fire/P.D. crossover kicks off on Wednesday, February 26 at 9 p.m. ET with Chicago Fire and then continues at 10 p.m. ET with Chicago P.D. Chicago Med won't be part of the crossover, but the doctors and nurses of Med have plenty of their own drama to worry about without Roman in the mix.

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