Chicago P.D.'s Marina Squerciati Explains The Love Between Burgess And Roman In Fire Crossover

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Chicago P.D.'s Sean Roman has been absent from Chicago since Season 3, but Brian Geraghty is returning for the big Chicago Fire/Chicago P.D. crossover on February 26. Unfortunately, Roman is back in the mix because his sister is in serious trouble, not because he wants to reunite with his former CPD friends... or his former flame Kim Burgess. Burgess has been on a rough ride herself in P.D. Season 7, and actress Marina Squerciati weighed in on her character's reunion with Roman and the "love" still between them:

We're both in such dark places. I think there's still some love between them, romantic and friendship-wise, but they're having a hard time talking to one another because they've just been through so much. At the same time, they shared a car with each other for two years. The first lines that I say to Roman are, 'I was in a car with you for two years. I know when you're lying to me.’ Even though they're both in darker, different places, they know each other so well that they're able to rely on each other.

Burgess and Roman didn't break up because they didn't love each other, but rather because Roman was injured and moved to San Diego after sustaining a career-ending injury while Burgess decided not to go with him. That happened back at the end of Season 3, and Burgess has gone on the Ruzek relationship roller coaster since then. She very recently suffered a miscarriage after a brutal attack, so it's no wonder she's in a dark place. Marina Squerciati's comments to TV Insider indicate Roman is as well. Although the love may be there, there are major complications.

Considering Roman is back for a two-parter between Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire, does that mean he'll only get darker as the crossover continues? Or will he start at his darkest point and slowly but surely lighten up as they get closer to solving the mystery of his sister's absence? A lot may depend on just how gruesome the drug overdoses that bring Fire and P.D. together really are, and how involved Roman's sister is in the whole mix. And, of course, whether or not Roman's sister survives.

I'm guessing Chicago Fire wouldn't go so dark as to kill off the sister of one of the good guys in the midst of a drug case despite Fire showrunner Derek Haas' comments about Fire/P.D. crossovers, but I wouldn't put it past Chicago P.D. Frankly, after how brutal of a beating Burgess took that resulted in her miscarriage, I can imagine P.D. going just about as dark as possible for a broadcast TV show. Roman will go on a Liam Neeson-esque revenge, according to one star!

Ruzek apparently won't be thrilled about how Roman enters the scene, and Roman will evidently be sketchy enough for Severide to get suspicious. Still, will Ruzek's motivation for disapproving of Roman's return actually be connected to any love left over between Burgess and Roman? He has seemingly been nothing but understanding and patient with her after her miscarriage, but Roman could press all the wrong buttons.

Fortunately, the wait for the Chicago P.D./Chicago Fire crossover that brings back Sean Roman is almost over, even if One Chicago took a week off. The two-parter kicks off on Wednesday, February 26 at 9 p.m. ET with a new episode of Chicago Fire, followed by Chicago P.D. at 10 p.m. ET. Med won't be part of the crossover, but its episode at 8 p.m. ET could be pretty intense as well. For more viewing options, check out our 2020 winter and spring premiere schedule.

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