Even Survivor's Jeff Probst Doesn't Get Why Nobody Is Voting Out Boston Rob Mariano

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Spoilers for the February 26 episode of Survivor are discussed below

Jeff Probst has been crystal clear about it; if he were competing on Survivor, he previously said that he would vote Boston Rob Mariano out first. Probst’s second target at the time was Boston Rob’s wife, Amber Mariano. She has already been voted out and to the Edge of Extinction. Her husband is another story, though, and Probst has no idea why.

He may plan to retire after Season 40 of Survivor, but Boston Rob Mariano is not going down without a fight. In fact, Ethan Zohn was voted out of Survivor: Winners at War before Boston Rob. Yes, that happened. Asked why Parvati Shallow and Ethan were the focus of the vote instead of Boston Rob, Jeff Probst told EW:

I don’t know. It’s a really great question. I would vote Rob and Parvati out first and second — in any order — but they would be the first two. History has shown they are simply too dangerous. But Rob and Parvati have a way of hanging around just long enough to get their claws into the game and that could be what’s happening right now. If you miss your chance, it may be too late.

Is Jeff Probst trying to tell fans something? Boston Rob and Sandra Diaz-Twine are considered Survivor: Winners at War’s greatest threats. Despite that, those two and Parvati remain active in the game. Is time ticking on fellow contestant’s ability to vote out Boston Rob, at all? If so, has that window expired?

Jeff Probst’s answer seems to indicate that he believes that time is of the essence when it comes to voting out Boston Rob. The longer Mariano sticks around, the better his chances are. So far, so good for Boston Rob! The Survivor veteran is no stranger to knowing what it takes to win.

Just because Jeff Probst’s pick to win, Danni Boatright, has already been voted out does not mean that he is off-base. Probst has been hosting Survivor since it began 40 seasons ago, so he knows the game and its returning players pretty well. He also wants to make one other thing clear after explaining why Boston Rob and Parvati should have been voted out early: Survivor: Winners at War is not just another season of the long-running series. It is different. Probst said:

But now that I’ve made my case for voting out Rob and Parvati, I will add this — Winners at War is not an ordinary season. There are so many incredibly talented, insanely sophisticated, bright shiny players, that I don’t think it’s quite as easy as I am making it out to be. I could list at least another dozen players still in the game that should also be on the same radar due to their tenacity. And the other five are just as talented, they just play a more stealth game which can allow them to momentarily lurk in the shadows. There are no easy vote outs. There is not a player here who cannot win this season. The odds are going to fluctuate from week to week, but this game is way too complicated to predict what is going to happen.

If you think you have figured out who may win Survivor: Winners at War, think again? This seems to be what Jeff Probst is trying to say of the all-champions season. Well, he seems to be saying that and letting us know to not count anyone out at this point. What about those pre-premiere alliances that may have been formed, according to Boston Rob?

Well, Boston Rob is still in the game! If it is his last season of Survivor, like he has said, viewers should see an all-the-more motivated player. If Survivor: Winners at War has almost lost you for any reason, you have to be curious about what the future holds for Boston Rob. Whether you are rooting for or against him, there is ample reason to stay tuned to what the game holds for him. It could be quite exciting!

Tune in to see if Boston Rob gets voted out, or if he manages to keep surviving! New episodes of Survivor: Winners at War air Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. Need another show to watch along with the competitive reality series? Check out this winter and spring’s premieres.

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