Why Last Man Standing's Mandy And Kyle Fight Was 'Important' For Audiences To See

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Last Man Standing episode "Student Doubt." Read at your own risk!

Last Man Standing delivered some trouble between couples in its latest episode, and no, Mike had nothing to do with it. There was some real tension between Mandy and Kyle midway through the episode when Kyle realized that Mandy was trying to get others to convince Kyle he needs help with his college school work. It was something she could've approached Kyle with herself, which caused the couple to have a spat when he finally discovered what was happening.

Mandy actress Molly McCook told Popculture that while the fight was tense, she was happy that Last Man Standing featured the moment between the two characters. McCook revealed why she liked the moment, and why she felt it was important for fans of the show to see Mandy and Kyle have issues in their marriage.

I don't think we get to do that very often on the show because it kind of just defines where we are in our marriage. And I think that it's important not only for the audience to see that, but also for us to know where we're at as Mandy and Kyle, but also as the actors portraying them.

The trouble between Mandy and Kyle didn't last long, as Kyle eventually told Mandy he'd prefer to hear the truth or issues from her if she has a problem. With that life lesson in the books, I don't think it's crazy to think the Last Man Standing couple will be just fine come the next episode. That said, I'm sure there's going to be some additional tension if Kyle rejected all those study habit notes and ends up bombing that exam!

Molly McCook added that she really enjoyed how Last Man Standing approached the story as a whole, and the message it sent to viewers. In McCook's point of view, it was a prime example of the type of stuff that the Fox series strives to do with each and every episode.

Life isn't just cracking jokes and laughing and messing around. It's very serious sometimes. And I think that's the whole entire moral of the show, is navigating life and how our mom and dad helped us with those things. How our husband or wife helps us with those things. Our sister. I just find that very real and I think they've done such a beautiful job telling those stories.

Working out complicated couple situations is just one of the topics Last Man Standing has tackled in Season 8. The series has also introduced a political storyline, and still manages to squeeze in that quirky sitcom goodness audiences love. If Tim Allen's show keeps entertaining viewers with its writing, it's possible we'll see a Home Improvement revival sooner than later.

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