The Masked Singer Judge Robin Thicke's Guess Was Way Too Specific, And I'm Suspicious

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Warning! The following contains spoilers to The Masked Singer Season 3 Group C elimination. Read at your own risk!

Now that The Masked Singer is in its third season, I think most people would forgive it for toning things down a bit or losing some spunk. That hasn't happened yet though, and things got crazier than ever after the recent reveal of Sarah Palin hiding under the mask of The Bear. It was an impossible reveal to guess from a judging perspective, and yet Robin Thicke got strangely close to the correct guess. Needless to say I'm super suspicious about the situation, and am having trouble figuring out how he reached his final guess.

When it was time for The Bear to be unmasked, the judges all said this was a tough one for them to pin down. And yet, after seeing the clue package, Robin Thicke announced that he had a vibe The Bear was a funny woman or someone from the Saturday Night Live family. He mentioned the fact that The Bear was a mother, and suggested that he was feeling good about it being Tina Fey under the mask.

It was a bold assumption, especially given the large number of former Saturday Night Live castmembers who are mothers, and female comedians in general. Really, Robin Thicke's justification could've fit for hundreds of people in the industry, so to land on Tina Fey specifically was strange. Nothing in the clue package teased someone like Fey (though the performance of "Baby Got Back" was funny), and had Thicke guessed this for anyone else but Sarah Palin, it may have been written off as another wild guess by a judge on The Masked Singer.

As many who watched Saturday Night Live may know, Tina Fey was a notable impersonator of Sarah Palin and did several sketches portraying her over the years. This was thanks in large part to the fact that the two looked very similar, but also because Fey could do a great impression of Sarah Palin. The internet was clearly shocked at this crazy coincidence, and Robin Thicke was quick to let anyone know who didn't that his guess was super accurate but also not.

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I'm not saying Robin Thicke was fed his guess by a producer, or that he may have seen something behind the scenes he shouldn't have, but I am saying it's very strange he guessed Tina Fey given the circumstances. It was almost too perfect of a moment, and typically when things seem too good to be true on reality television competitions, they are. The guess made me a wee bit suspicious of how the judges come to their conclusions for guesses, especially when nothing in the clue package teased Tina Fey for me, and I'll definitely be watching future guesses from judges more closely going forward.

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