New Star Trek: Voyager Cast Reunion Photo Is Giving Fans All The Feels

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The Star Trek franchise is on the up and up, and as Star Trek: Picard marches towards the end of Season 1, it's hard not to be optimistic for the future. There are more new shows in development, Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 is on the way, and the Voyager crew is getting together for reunion pictures.

No, it doesn't look like these are the latest Star Trek veterans Alex Kurtzman has wrangled to discuss yet another spinof, unfortunately. It appears actor Tim Russ found a chance to get a lot of his former castmates together at the latest voyage of Star Trek: The Cruise, and decided to immortalize it forever with a photo.

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It doesn't look like everyone from Star Trek: Voyager made it for the picture, but Tim Russ did manage to get a solid chunk of the cast. Alongside Russ we see Kate Mulgrew, Jeri Ryan, Robert Picardo, Roxann Dawson, Garrett Wang, and Ethan Phillips. That's quite a lineup to bump into on a cruise, especially considering one of which is currently on Star Trek: Picard, and another is rumored to show up in Season 2.

As mentioned, the group doesn't appear to be meeting for some future series or appearance in the Star Trek universe, though the powers that be may want to consider it. Though Star Trek: Voyager has received its share of criticism from the fandom over the years, there are still plenty of people who loved the show back in the day and were happy to see everyone together again.

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Star Trek: Voyager has long had its dedicated fans, and those who regarded Captain Janeway among their favorite captains. Sadly, actress Kate Mulgrew has signaled her days as Janeway may be done for good, seemingly preferring to leave her character in the past. That means the odds of a Voyager revival are slim at best, though with Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Picard, there may always be a future for every character to appear in some capacity.

Star Trek: The Cruise, which is the event Tim Russ and his co-stars were a part of, has completed its 4th voyage but is already taking bookings for next year. The cruise is packed with former cast from the Star Trek franchise, as well as a lot of activities for the fans of the franchise to take part in. This included a 25th anniversary panel for Star Trek: Voyager, in which some proclaimed Tim Russ to be a high point.

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It seems like the smiles shared by the Star Trek: Voyager crew in the photo were genuine given the response from fans on the panel. It's always great to see former castmembers still getting along years after their show has ended, even if that doesn't necessarily mean they're down to do a revival.

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