While We Wait For Our Last Picard Fix, Patrick Stewart Has A Fun New Way To Engage With Fans

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Star Trek: Picard is hurtling towards the second part of its Season 1 finale, the theory of a controversial ending and all. In the meantime, Patrick Stewart has found a fun way to engage with fans, as they await the final chapter of the season. Like William Shatner, Stewart is utilizing social media for the task and incorporating a subject near and dear to his heart in the process.

The actor has taken to Twitter to share videos of himself reciting Shakespeare. Before watching it below, put into perspective how fortunate people are to get to watch Patrick Stewart perform Shakespeare online. You used to have to go to the theater to see Stewart performing sonnets!

In fact, Patrick Stewart had forged a successful career performing Shakespeare when Ian McKellen advised him against taking on the role of Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Fast forward, and Stewart is starring in Star Trek: Picard and doing Shakespeare for Twitter. Check out his first video below:

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Patrick Stewart is performing Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116 in that video, and the reaction it received (1.3 million views) inspired Stewart to keep his Shakespearean trend going. After posting his first video on March 21, he followed it up with a reading of Sonnet 1. Check it out:

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Patrick Stewart followed that reading up with one of Sonnet 2. Ever the savvy social media navigator, Stewart used the hashtag #ASonnetADay for his third entry, which is an ode to the caption that accompanied his second video. In it, he suggested that instead of an apple, a sonnet a day could help keep the doctor away. It can't hurt, right? Here is Stewart reciting Sonnet 2:

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Fans will have to stay tuned to Patrick Stewart’s Twitter feed to see what he shares next. These clips have proven to be a cool way for fans to continue being entertained by Stewart while they wait for more Picard. It's either that or pore over the theories that have comprised Season 1.

Either way, it puts more Patrick Stewart in your life and that is never a bad thing. Although, Star Trek: Picard has already put a lot more of Stewart in fans’ lives. Season 1 has seen a heartbreaking death, and time will tell if the finale leads to another. On a more lighthearted note, there have been a lot of returns too.

Star Trek: Picard will be back for a second season, so that is something to look forward to heading into this season’s goodbye. In the meantime, Patrick Stewart will hopefully continue gifting people with his Shakespeare skills!

Part 2 of Star Trek: Picard’s Season 1 finale premieres Thursday, March 26, on CBS All Access and , once the season is over, you can still look forward to this spring’s premieres.

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