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Did Star Trek: Picard Set Up A Major Borg Storyline For Seven Of Nine?

Seven Of Nine Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek: Picard will soon be finished with Season 1, and while it's not entirely certain when Season 2 will be finished or released, we do know plans are in motion to wrangle up actors. Amidst all the chaos going into Part 1 of the finale, the show slid in a really cool moment with Seven of Nine that could be a big deal in a future season or the Star Trek universe as a whole.

The question is: was it only a cool moment, or did Star Trek: Picard set up a major future storyline for the Star Trek: Voyager character? Here's a reminder of Seven of Nine's brief transformation as the Borg Queen, her past history, and how I think it could impact the character going forward.

Seven Of Nine Became The Borg Queen

In an effort to save the Borg and Ex-Borg from the Romulan oppressors on the Borg Cube, Seven of Nine was forced to make a tough decision. She attached herself to the device in the Borg Queen's chambers, which then gave her control of every remaining Borg in stasis in the cube. She was in tune with each of them, and despite massive sacrifice, pushed the Romulans to flee the Borg Cube.

Though Seven of Nine feared she wouldn't be able to relinquish control of the Borgs once she gained it, she managed to disconnect from the device of her own free will. The Star Trek: Voyager character looked fine after the moment, though I'm not so sure Star Trek: Picard will let her move on from the incident completely unscathed.

The Borg Queen And Seven Of Nine's Relationship

For those unfamiliar with the Borg Queen, she was the de facto leader of the Borg Cube and shared a consciousness through her successors. She was also capable of separating her organic parts from her inorganic parts, which allowed her to take a humanoid form from time to time. From the Queen's chambers, she controlled the thoughts and will of the Borg, as did successor Queens (who had the same thoughts and memories of their predecessors).

As Star Trek: Voyager fans know, Seven Of Nine had a special relationship with the Borg Queen. Seven of Nine was one of the Borg Queen's favorites, and thereby allowed to live as an individual apart from the Collective. The Borg Queen even allowed Seven of Nine to explore her individuality within Starfleet, though the Borg Queen ultimately tried to pull her back and get her help in eliminating the human race. Needless to say the two didn't end things on great terms, but now may be closer than ever.

Will Seven Of Nine's Transformation Impact Her Going Forward?

While it is true that Seven Of Nine was successfully able to relinquish control of the Borg collective, I'm curious to find out if Star Trek: Picard will show some unforeseen side effects of that action. As mentioned, multiple Borg Queens shared one collective consciousness, and I have to think there are some aspects of that process Star Trek fans don't know about. In connecting herself to the Queen's chambers, it's possible Seven Of Nine absorbed some form of consciousness of her old nemesis.

If that's true, Star Trek: Picard could be laying the groundwork for some heel turn for Seven of Nine. We already know she's not afraid of doing things Jean-Luc and others would be appalled by, and now she's had a taste of what it means to command an army at her complete control. Of course, there's another part of Seven of Nine that recognizes how truly horrible that action is, but if there's some consciousness of the Borg Queen within her body now, we might see Seven of Nine struggle with that going forward.

Could We See Seven Of Nine Struggle With This On Star Trek: Picard?

I would like to see more of Seven of Nine, but I'm also aware this series is hoping to tell many adventures and bring in more former cast of past Star Trek shows during its run. There may not be time in the future to dedicate to Seven of Nine, which may be why Star Trek: Picard's showrunner Michael Chabon pitched a spinoff (via for Jeri Ryan's character. There's already a lot of spinoffs in development; will Alex Kurtzman be willing to throw another into development?

For now, we can only wait to see what the end of Star Trek: Picard brings. New episodes arrive Thursdays on CBS All Access, so tune in for that and be sure to check out CinemaBlend for more Star Trek updates.

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