Former Counting On Star Sets The Record Straight On Duggar Family Issues

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It’s been a while since we’ve seen Jill Duggar Dillard and her partner Derick Dillard on the small screen. The former star of 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On left the latter series in 2017 and now her husband is opening up about rumors, Duggar Family Issues and that time they couldn’t even announce they were expecting a baby when they wanted to.

In a wide-ranging interview conducted over email with Without a Crystal Ball, Derick Dillard reportedly expressed there’s been a lot of misconception about his wife Jill Duggar Dillard leaving the reality TV realm. One example he gave specifically had to do with the rest of the Duggar family in particular, as the former reality star mentioned:

For example, some people assume that we don’t want to be around any of Jill’s family at all. But that’s simply not true. Like average families, we don’t always get along and at times may not feel comfortable around some people. But we try to work things out while keeping healthy boundaries and not sacrificing everything in the process. We typically do not address rumors and/or false narratives but we will do so if others do not think they can be answered and such that they begin to take the weight of truth.

There’s been talk in the past of Jill and Derick Dillard being estranged from the rest of the Duggar clan, particularly in the tabloids. She’s barely ever around her family on social media. And her own personal posts have typically focused on her own immediate family, although there have been exceptions:

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The Dillards live a little differently than Jill’s parents Jim Bob and Michelle. Like some of her other sisters, she can also be seen in pants a lot more often than she used to. Their son is also enrolled in public school, rather than being homeschooled.

Regardless, while Derick Dillard seemed to be wanting to put many of the online rumors to rest, he also said there was a big reason he and his wife ultimately left Counting On and the reality TV environment spearheaded by the Duggar clan, noting he and Jill were not really even in charge of their own lives. He reportedly wrote:

We weren’t even allowed to be the first ones to announce our own life events — our marriage, expecting our baby, our genders of our children, our births — not by our own choice. If I had to do it all over again, I would’ve announced myself when we were expecting and things like that, even if I would’ve gotten in trouble.

If that comment holds true, perhaps it is true of Joy-Anna's recent announcement as well. Ultimately, being on reality TV is a choice and it seems like a choice that Jill Duggar Dillard and Derick Dillard made for themselves and their own personal well-being.

Meanwhile, Counting On is still popular on TLC. The previous season just wrapped, but there are rumors swirling that the show is gearing up for Season 11. We’ll keep you updated as news related to the famous family comes down the pipeline.

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