Duggar Family Sisters Share Picture As Season 11 Rumors Swirl

Duggar Family talking Counting On.

Season 10 of Counting On aired its final two hour episode back in December, and in the time since, Duggar Family fans have been eagerly awaiting news on when the new season might begin. Well, we don’t have exact details yet, but we are starting to get plenty of rumors about Season 11. Excitingly, they all seem to point toward production starting back up.

The first clue came from Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo’s Instagram account. The couple shared some photos (via stories so they're now gone) of a camera crew inside their house, along with some relevant captions that pointed toward filming. In addition, Jinger shared a shot of her daughter Felicity sitting on producer Scott Enlow’s lap and discussed the behind the scenes worker’s trajectory.

Here’s a portion of the quote, courtesy of OK Magazine

“Uncle Scott Enlow has been on our film crew since day one. When they first started filming I was only 10 years old,” she revealed. “He used to be our cameraman, now he’s our producer! Thankful for a film crew who is more like family!”

Beyond those pictures, the Duggar Family’s official Instagram account, which of course they have a family Instagram account, also shared a photo of five sisters all together. You can check it out below…

A photo posted by on

Since the beginning of 2018, Counting On has fallen into at least a relatively consistent production schedule. The show typically broadcasts two seasons per year with each season having somewhere between 7 and 11 episodes. Both Season 7 and Season 9 began airing new episodes in past Februarys, but given this past season ended in mid-December instead of October as we’ve traditionally seen in the past, it’s not a surprise Season 11 will start later. I’m going to guess we’ll start seeing episodes in late April or early May, but that is all 100% speculation at this point.

Over the past few years, there has been plenty of complaining about cable television and in some cases, rightfully so. Clearly, there are issues with the model that need to be changed or worked out, but a show like Counting On is a great example of the possibilities cable created. Something like Counting On (or its predecessor 19 Kids And Counting) was able to build up a passionate fanbase because it wasn’t trying to appeal to a network TV audience and bringing along with it huge ratings expectations.

Because of that, Counting On can continue to be the fun, quirky, often touching and sometimes sad show the audience wants it to be without unreasonable expectations. It has even survived its share of controversies over the years. Here’s to hoping we keep seeing another two seasons a year for the next decade and maybe even some more fun spinoffs from the Duggar Family beyond that.

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