Fuller House's John Stamos Shows Off That He Took The Iconic Couch Home

John Stamos as Jesse Katsopolis in Full House

Anyone who has ever been on a film or TV set probably knows just how difficult it is to smuggle props or costumes off a set. Not even big stars can manage to snag them sometimes. Just ask Jason Isaacs and Patrick Stewart. Still, some succeed in taking what they want, and Fuller House’s John Stamos was somehow able to take one of the show’s most recognizable set pieces.

John Stamos shared a snapshot on Instagram of his young son, who just so happened to be blocked in by the Tanner family’s couch from Fuller House. In a brief caption, Stamos poked fun at the role of the iconic TV prop. You can check out the picture and caption below:

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It would seem that John Stamos has found a use for the couch in his home and, based on the photo, it’s proving to be quite effective. There is one question, however, that’s still begging to be answered – how in the world was Stamos able to get the couch of the set?!

There’s always the chance he found some way to sneak it off the lot unnoticed, though that may have required some serious planning. The more reasonable answer would be that the producers just allowed him to take the couch. After all, John Stamos is a veteran member of the Full House franchise and could be privy to more perks as a result.

While this is a rarity, it’s certainly the case for certain actors. Game of ThronesMaisie Williams and Kit Harington each got to keep a memento after the show wrapped production. Meanwhile, Marvel star Chris Hemsworth has so many versions of Thor’s hammer in his house that his wife is getting tired of seeing them. So it’s very possible that Stamos was given permission to take the coveted piece of furniture.

Unfortunately for fans of Fuller House, the show will no longer be needing any of its props. The Netflix comedy is currently in the middle of its final season, with the final batch of episodes expected to drop sometime this year.

Not much is known about the final episodes of Fuller House except that there will be plenty of marriage madness, as the gang seeks to plan a triple wedding. Some also still have questions regarding how the show plans to address the absence of Lori Loughlin’s Aunt Becky, who was not seen or mentioned during the first stretch of the final season.

All of these questions and more will likely be answered when Fuller House returns to wrap up its run on Netflix. How much does anyone want to be that John Stamos will be binging the episodes from the comfort of that couch? Fuller House is available to stream on Netflix today.

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