Netflix's Fuller House Actor Keeps Fans Excited For 2020 Return With Final Episodes

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Fuller House is ending following Netflix’s cancellation of the beloved revival/spinoff. The first half of the fifth and final season premiered at the end of 2019, and it brought quite a few surprises with it. Now, Fuller House actor Juan Pablo Di Pace is getting fans excited for the show’s bittersweet 2020 return for its final episodes.

The Netflix series left off with an array of engagements, including DJ and Steve’s. Now, a triple wedding is in store for DJ, Kimmy, and Stephanie. Since Kimmy is set to remarry her ex-husband, Fernando, that means wedding bells will ring for Juan Pablo Di Pace’s character. Di Pace teased fans about Fuller House making its 2020 return for the final round of episodes with this Instagram post:

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Life will get a lot fairer when Fuller House returns. Netflix has yet to reveal a 2020 premiere date for Part 2 of Season 5. When it debuts, it will be the curtain call for the sitcom. Do not hold your breath for the Olsen twins to put in an appearance as Michelle Tanner, either.

After years of the twins steering clear of the revival/spinoff, Fuller House did not even try to reach out to Michelle’s original portrayers for a return run. So, when those wedding bells do eventually ring for Juan Pablo Di Pace’s Fernando and Andrea Barber’s Kimmy, do not expect Michelle to be in attendance. Yes, even though Michelle’s sisters are also getting married.

Fuller House will be amusingly embroiled in wedding plans for DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy. The trio’s marriages are not the only thing that the Netflix series has planned. Candace Cameron Bure’s real-life brother, Kirk Cameron, will be putting in an appearance. Just not as DJ’s cousin Steve. A role he played on the original series.

Fuller House fans also have some other familiar faces to look forward to during the final episodes. It will be a bittersweet ending as it means getting to see the Tanners and everyone else again. There is a potential silver lining in the always-existing hope that another spinoff could happen.

Fans will have to stay tuned, though. Fuller House’s cast put a lot into the final season. The show completed filming back in November of 2019, and the cast was quick to commemorate the sad farewell on social media. Now all that is left is to see how the second half of Season 5 goes down and how many surprises it has in store.

Will the Tanners and all of the show’s other beloved characters get happy endings? The second half of Fuller House’s final season is on its way! Season 5 will make its return to Netflix during 2020. In the meantime, relish this winter and spring’s premieres.

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