Some Of The Duggars Getting Flack After Not Social Distancing According To Guidelines

Jessa Duggar during social distancing

The entire world is on lockdown, but some of the Duggars seem to be taking it less seriously than others. While Jessa Duggar Seewald has seemingly been social distancing with her immediate family some of the other Duggar still seem to be getting together in the large groups they are used to.

In a now-deleted Instagram Stories post a group of Duggars, including Kendra Caldwell Duggar, Joseph’s wife, Lauren Swanson, Josiah’s wife, and some of their children. The video footage was quickly pulled from social media but not before some fans saw it and counted over a dozen people appearing in the video.

Some families across the country are still doing get-togethers, but the seemingly alarming thing about the now-deleted video is that there seemed to be at least 18 people in the room (via Hollywood Gossip). Recently, CDC guidelines have requested no mass gatherings and the magic number related to group gatherings has been 10.

Meanwhile, Jessa Duggar Seewald has been seen keeping her kids amused in their backyard with brand new playground equipment she put together herself, mentioning in an Instagram post that those who “can’t go to the playground” can “bring the playground to you.” (Although she did have to go out and get a new Allen wrench after her kids lost the one they had in their house.)

Jessa hasn’t specifically spoken out about the way her family is social distancing (unlike some other famous families), but she has several posts making it clear she’s spending time with her immediate family per the recommendations.

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Meanwhile, Jill Duggar Dillard has more specifically shared her ideas about social distancing online, even using her social media as a resource for parents struggling at home with the kids.

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She’s also been candid about date nights during quarantine, which likely hits home for a lot of us right now.

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So, it’s not all bad news on the Duggar front. In fact, the Duggar family is very large and that complicates matters in respect to who should be seeing whom and when. However, the more people take social distancing seriously, the idea is the more the curve should flatten in regards to overwhelming healthcare workers.

There’s always plenty to talk about with the Duggar family, even when a new season of Counting On is not currently on TLC. We'll keep you posted regarding a potential upcoming Season 11.

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