Why Patrick Stewart Isn't Interested In Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Doing A Pandemic Storyline

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The Star Trek franchise has long loved using its futuristic setting to mirror modern day issues, and Star Trek: Picard is no exception. There are definitely some conclusions that can be drawn about Season 1 and its thought-provoking analysis on what truly makes one human, or the persecution of a certain people due to the actions of a few. One would expect the CBS All Access series to keep the trend rolling in Season 2, though Patrick Stewart isn’t up for a global pandemic angle of any kind.

The actor spoke to CBC about the pandemic, and whether or not Star Trek: Picard will dive into a similar situation when it returns for Season 2. Patrick Stewart was not shy in his response, and made it clear that’s not a subject he’d like the series to tackle.

I would not encourage that. This is a disturbing and frightening and sad time for many thousands of people. I would feel uncomfortable if we were to make this a theme of the second season of [Star Trek: Picard]. It is too sensitive, too upsetting, too frightening, than some of the other issues that we have dealt with, which are much more of a political nature.

Star Trek: Picard may tackle some deep questions and thought-provoking storylines in Season 2, but don’t expect to see any coronavirus-related story if Patrick Stewart has any say. Stewart has been a powerful voice in regards to the show thus far, so it wouldn’t be at all surprising to learn that if he’s not on board with a pandemic storyline, a pandemic storyline isn’t going to happen.

With that said, Star Trek: Picard's executive producer Akiva Goldsman did muse on the idea of a quarantine episode at the behest of Vulture. Though Goldsman's snippet isn't a sign that Star Trek: Picard was developing a story for Season 2, it certainly shows that he and creative minds are thinking during this time about the coronavirus and how a similar event would impact their respective shows.

The COVID-19 pandemic is the kind of massive event one would expect a show like Star Trek: Picard to make reference to, so it'll be interesting to see whether Patrick Stewart softens his stance once he and the show's crew gather back in the writers' room for Season 2. Past Star Trek shows have tackled quarantine episodes before, so it's not exactly a complete impossibility, though Stewart's thoughts on the sensitivity of the subject remain valid in either case. If a lot of life is lost by the end of this pandemic, then it definitely feels like there's a "too soon" factor all shows must consider when covering this event.

Star Trek: Picard Season 2 is still a ways away, but Season 1 can currently be streamed (for free) on CBS All Access. Stick with CinemaBlend for more on what's happening in television and movies, and what shows may be affected by the continued presence of COVID-19.

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