Killing Eve Is Channeling Grey's Anatomy In A Fun Way

Villannelle in Season 3

Spoilers ahead for the most recent episode of Killing Eve.

Killing Eve recently returned to television for its third season, and it's already been an interesting journey. But we've yet to see Eve and Villanelle reunite after the shocking twist ending of Season 2, which saw Oksana shoot the title character. Aside from her Emmy winning role as Eve, Sandra Oh is largely known for playing Cristina Yang in Grey's Anatomy. And now Killing Eve is mirroring Grey's in a fun way.

On paper, Killing Eve and Grey's Anatomy are vastly different shows. While they both have dramedy aspects, Phoebe Waller-Bridge's thrilling BBC America crime drama can't really be compared to ABC's long-running medical procedural. But an Villanelle's promotion within The Twelve is actually mirroring Cristina's journey as an attending surgery in Grey's fourth and fifth seasons. Hear me out.

Villanelle is more than just an assassin in Season 3 of Killing Eve, as she's also being trained as a Keeper for The Twelve. The second episode of the season found her attempting to mentor another young killer named Felix. This is a process that initially frustrates Jodie Domer's character, as she talks down about her new protegee's ability in "the field." It's fun seeing Villanelle in this new dynamic, possibly indicating some maturity in the future (if that's even possible.)

When Grey's Anatomy's fourth season began, the original cast of interns were promoted to attending surgeons on Seattle Grace. Cristina is given her own slew of interns, who she immediately dismisses as idiots. What's more, Yang doesn't even learn their names, instead assigning each intern a number. She ends up being a pretty awful teacher for the next two seasons, as Cristina's personal ambition is her driving force.

Cristina in Grey's Anatomy

I'm admittedly in the midst of a Grey's Anatomy re-watch as we're all spending more time in our homes. Perhaps I've got Cristina Yang on the mind, but I'm assuming that I'm not the only Grey's fan who tuned into Killing Eve and has noticed this similarity. Sandra Oh's character might be trying to lay low as a dumpling cook, but Villanelle's promotion does feel like it's a connection between the two Emmy winning shows. The stakes are obviously different, but there is a common theme of a brilliant but awful mentor.

I'm eager to see Eve and Villanelle finally reunite, as their fascinating connection is at the crux of Killing Eve. As for Grey's Anatomy, the show's whopping 16th season ended early after TV sets were shut down amid health concerns. Sandra Oh hasn't expressed any interest in reprising her role as the cardio god/Meredith's person, but hopefully she'll change her tune for a series finale. That is if Grey's ever ends its tenure on the air.

Killing Eve airs on BBC American and AMC on Sunday nights. Be sure to check out our midseason premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

Corey Chichizola
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