The Price Is Right’s George Gray Is Recovering After A Serious ‘Brush With Death’

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We've been hearing about a lot of health crises lately, but because many of those are directly related to one thing, it can be easy to forget that lots of us are still dealing with whatever health issues were possible before The Inside Times began. The Price is Right announcer George Gray has had quite the scary time lately, as he's been fighting his way back from a serious "brush with death" that's resulted in multiple surgeries, but he is finally recovering.

Just last week, The Price is Right's George Gray found himself hospitalized after suffering a heart attack. The 53-year-old was rushed to the hospital after experiencing some chest pains, and after that first heart attack, he underwent surgery to put a stent in his heart, which should have opened up one of his arteries and helped restore blood flow. Unfortunately, that stent failed immediately after it was put in, and Gray had a second heart attack. After two more surgeries and a third heart attack, though, Gray is now finally recovering in Arizona. Here's what his representative, Phil Viardo, told Variety about the process:

He is recovering well, considering his brush with death this week. I was able to speak to him for about 20 minutes this morning, and he is in good spirits after the scare of his life. He is currently resting and focusing on recovery.

After George Gray's second heart attack, doctors then had to go back in and insert another stent in his heart. He looked to be out of the woods for a time, and was even ready to take his first post-surgery walk around the facility, when his second stent also failed, and Gray had to be rushed into surgery again.

It was during this third surgery that Gray had his third massive heart attack, which originated at his left anterior descending artery. This is important, because that particular artery is nicknamed the "widow maker" because heart attacks that come from that area are usually fatal. Luckily for George Gray, he was already on the operating table and the doctors present were able to save his life. Now, after his traumatic experiences, he's finally been able to take a breath and focus on getting better.

According to Viardo, he's actually in pretty good spirits right now, which seems like a minor miracle, considering everything that he's been through in such a short amount of time. Gray, who began announcing for The Price is Right in 2011 after hosting gigs on $25 Million Hoax and the American version of The Weakest Link, thinks that genetics caused his heart attacks, because he's in good shape, hasn't smoked or done drugs and has low cholesterol.

Viardo adds that George Gray wants his case to serve as a reminder that heart health needs to be paid attention to, no matter your age, and noted that he sent thanks to his friends and many fans for their support during this difficult time. Hopefully, Gray will be able to continue his recovery, and we can look forward to him getting a clean bill of health soon.

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