Hawaii Five-0 And The Good Doctor's Daniel Dae Kim Has A Message For Fans After Beating Coronavirus

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Actor Daniel Dae Kim surprised his many fans a couple of weeks ago when he took to social media to announce that he had been diagnosed with coronavirus. The Hawaii Five-0 vet joined several other celebrities in doing so, like Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson and Idris Elba, and was pretty forthcoming with fans about the particulars of his symptoms, diagnosis and even how his doctors had him treat his condition. Now, though, he's come back to tell fans some much brighter news, and has announced that he's now beat the illness.

Daniel Dae Kim has returned to Instagram with a video to update everyone on his diagnosis, and, after detailing a setback in his recovery that included him briefly losing his sense of smell and taste (!!!!!), he gave everyone the good news about getting the all-clear from health professionals. Here's what he had to say:

The good news is, that I'm now considered virus free. My required period of self-isolation has ended, and I've been released into the wilds of my very own home. Now I'm free to explore exotic places like my living room and do daring things like take out the garbage and walk my dog...But, now that I'm considered recovered, I also wanted to let you know that this will be my last post about this experience...There are many more voices, much more important than mine, such as doctors and scientists we should all be listening to and learning from. I've always considered my journey just a small part of how this disease has impacted our collective lives, and now that I'm better, it seems like the natural time to bring it to a close.

Obviously, the fact that Daniel Dae Kim has recovered fully is very good news. A truly unfortunate number of people have not been so lucky, including celebrities like Top Chef Masters winner Floyd Cardoz, song writer Alan Merrill and You actor Mark Blum, who have all succumb to the virus.

While many of us are dealing with long periods of self-isolation, you can really see how thankful Daniel Dae Kim is to just be able to enjoy life with the rest of his family, who, luckily, never got sick, and to be able to do a few simple things that will allow him to get some fresh air every now and then. No one has ever been happier about taking out the trash, but it's going through something like this which makes such basic stuff feel so freeing.

As Daniel Dae Kim noted in his words to fans, he believes that now is the right time to stop posting, because he's at the end of his personal journey with the effects of the virus. Even though he only posted twice previously about his experience fighting COVID-19, those posts were very thorough and probably required some serious thought. Now that he's better, Kim likely wants to let us focus on the advice of doctors and scientists, as well as try to put this difficult time behind him as much as possible.

You can take a look at his full post, below:

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Daniel Dae Kim was in the process of filming his new role on NBC's medical drama hit New Amsterdam when production was shut down, and he was diagnosed soon after. Hopefully, production on that show, and pretty much every other movie and TV show that had to close up shop, will resume before too long, along with life, in general, going back to normal.

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